Final Fantasy VII Remake to ship early in Europe and Australia due to coronavirus outbreak

Final Fantasy 7 Boss Limit Break
Final Fantasy 7 Boss Limit Break (Image credit: Android Central)

What you need to know

  • Final Fantasy VII Remake releases on April 10.
  • The game tells part of the story of the original.
  • Physical shipments to Europe and Australia will be sent early.
  • You can purchase Final Fantasy VII Remake early for $60 on Amazon.

The Final Fantasy VII Remake is almost here for PlayStation 4, but due to the coronavirus, there's an issue with shipments and global supply.

To alleviate these concerns, Square Enix has decided to ship the game earlier than usual in Europe and Australia.

As a result of this, some gamers may receive the title a few days before launch. If you do, enjoy the game. Square Enix also said that it's confident that the game won't be delayed in America, so they're shipping the title this week.

If you don't receive Final Fantasy VII on time, remember that these issues are a result of the coronavirus outbreak. We just have to give postal workers the time they need to deliver packages while making sure they're safe.

Asher Madan