Fight your musophobia in free Demeo DLC Realm of the Rat King

Demeo: Realm Of The Rat King screenshot
Demeo: Realm Of The Rat King screenshot (Image credit: Resolution Games)

What you need to know

  • Out today, free DLC Realm of the Rat King is available for anyone who beats the first campaign.
  • It includes new environments, new enemies like the Gorgon, new cards and the titular boss.
  • Currently available on the Quest and Quest 2, Demeo's base game costs $30 and could soon come to the Rift as well.

Resolution Games revealed today the first of several planned expansions to Demeo, its VR-based Dungeons and Dragons lookalike. Titled Realm of the Rat King, it has you and your fellow adventurers dive into the sewers of Sundhaven to investigate and eradicate a recent plague of feral rats.

Demeo initially launched with just one campaign titled The Black Sarcophagus, which contained three dungeons for up to four players to complete. While some of the dungeon elements are procedurally generated – adding some much-needed replay value – you'll typically complete a playthrough (or die) in just a couple of hours. Realm of the Rat King will add some much-needed variety and playtime to the experience.

Aside from the new mission and unsavory sewer environment, the expansion adds new enemies like the Spore Fungus and Gorgon, plus new card abilities like the Torch and Antitoxin that fit the theme of your next adventure.

The company has future expansions planned, hinted at in a Twitter post showing concept art for city and forest environments. But unlike Realm of the Rat King, which was announced alongside the main game, these expansions could still be a ways off before we get to try them out.

"'Realm of the Rat King is just the first addition of many new adventures we have in the works," said Resolution Games CEO Tommy Palm. "We'll be introducing more magic, more mayhem, and even more heroes over time for players to party up with and plumb the VR depths."

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