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A few more details emerge about Droid Pro, White Droid 2 and a Motorola tablet

A few new details have leaked out (n the heels of the previous Verizon flood) about the Droid Pro, a new version of the Droid 2, and a possible Motorola tablet. In a nutshell, here's what was slipped to BGR:

  • The Droid Pro will arrive in November and is a 4-incher with a 1.3GHz processor, a dual GSM/CDMA radio, and its model number is A957.
  • A dual GSM/CDMA version of the Droid 2 is in the works, will be available in white and black and is dubbed A956.
  • A tablet/mid device is designated MZ600. It's likely a dual GSM/CDMA phone and would launch with Android 2.2.

The addition of some world phones is sorely needed, but we're wondering how the Droid Pro is going to fit into things, and what that means for the Droid X. We shall see. [BGR]

  • Dual SIM version of the Droid 2? . . . Why didn't they just wait till NOV to do it period?... Or not release the Droid 2 at all? . . . As far as the Droid Pro? When I hear "Pro" I thihk about a QWERTY Keyboard... SO Im guessing some variant of the Droid X with a Keyboard. As far as the Tablet goes.... I CAN'T WAIT for a decent "Carrier Supported" Android Tablet. I don't think VZW will support some crappy Tablet..
  • I agree. That's kind of shiggity to not foreshadow a CDMA/GSM Droid 2, for those interested in waiting.
  • World phone!!! Most people wont want the expense of buying a dual radio phone, let alone paying the cell plans but frequent travelers will love this. BTW dual GSM/CDMA does not imply dual sim. It implies two radios. A combined cdma/gsm radio is also possible as this has been long sought after by handset manufacturers but carriers show no interest. It is rumored that apple's Verizon phone will actually be a dual radio chipset!
  • "Most people wont want the expense of buying a dual radio phone, let alone paying the cell plans but frequent travelers will love this." Um... most people, if not all people, never notice the expense of buying a dual radio phone vs a single radio phone. In fact, subsidized prices aside, if you take a look only at the full inventory prices most of the time, if not all the time, you can't tell the difference between a "world phone" and a CDMA only phone. Prices are not set buy cost. Prices are set by demand.
  • I don't really care what comes out between now and February. I got to wait till then cause I get my deposit back. Its going to be sweet. So many choices.
  • Seriously, enough with the droid info leaks, verizon need to give the moto ride a break and start puttin some facinate info out there
  • You think so?? jajaja You are not a bussines man.
  • The Droid Pro is most likely the reason 720p recording was left off the Droid 2. Obviously Verizon wants distinction amongst their lineup.
  • Maybe HDMI output a larger screen, and an 8 mpx camera. I hope I see GSM version of DROID pro
  • My prediction:
    VZW will push out an update to enable 720p recording on the Droid 2 sometime in the vicinity of the release of the Droid Pro. Similar to the way they pushed out the DINC update around the release of the X. Some adventurous hacker will likely beat them to the punch, though (hopefully)
  • I am with likwidsoul where is the info about the facinate? I would love to hear more on this. There are some leaked pictures of this and the gem but not dates. I really want one of them. I played with the vibrant which is pretty much the same look and feel with a few different options. It was very nice. I didn't see the touchwiz make the phone that bad. Plus the power and the screen make it a very nice phone also. The dev community is also working on things for the galaxy s phones and good things will come.
  • NICE. Been waiting for more news about the Droid Pro. I agree with the thoughts on hearing "Pro." I'm thinking an enlarged Droid, hence 4+" screen with a sliding keyboard. This is EXACTLY what I've been waiting for since purchasing the OG Droid and now seeing the larger screens on Android devices. Having an enhanced processor would just be icing on the cake. I guess to make it better though, they'd give us vanilla Android...
  • Lets hear a release date on the facinate. Awesome screen, same cpu/gpu power of iphone4, android os = ftw:)
  • For the record, I have spoken with a store manager of a Verizon store who often speaks with the regional rep, and has heard the new Droid tablet will run LTE.
  • What will happen to the Droid X? People who want to cart around a theater screen in their pocket will surely still be interested. However, 4" seems to be a sweet-spot for screen size, considering it's what Samsung and others are betting the farm on.
  • I'm definitely interested in this Droid Pro. World phone? Heck yeah!!! Can easily use this when I go to Europe. Although there are rumors that HTC is making a monster world phone early next year with android.
  • The 1 that sticks out to me in that list is the third 1..
    FPL:MOT A855 PINK? Umm A Pink Droid? Really????? Icck...I'm not sure even Females would girl for a Droid in Pink.. especially if it is similar to how they did the R2D2.. I was hoping for much more in the R2D2.. but in it's current form icck..
    My Brother just got a Droid 2 and I noticed that it is more of a blue instead of the black of the Droid least the back plate is.. looks like the front is silver and the keyboard area is black around the keyboard..
  • That's a pink silicone case for the Droid.
  • Does this mean Sprint users will be able to buy a CDMA phone like the Droid Pro and Droid 2 GSM/CDMA version outright and use it on Sprint's network?