It's been almost a full year since I've written about GRID Autosport for Android, mostly because there hasn't been much to write about it other than more delays that have continued to push the release date back further and further. But finally I'm able to share a bit of good news surrounding this highly-anticipated racing game as it pertains to Android gamers.

Feral Interactive has taken to Twitter to recruit Android beta testers for a private beta specific to the game's multiplayer mode — a mode that's not even available for the iOS version of the game.

This is your best opportunity to play GRID Autosport ahead of its full Android release.

All you need to do to sign up for the beta is click through the link in the tweet and fill out the Google form with a bit of personal information about yourself and the device you'd plan to test the game on. From there it's all in the luck of the draw, or it might come down to the specific devices that the developers are looking to test. Either way, this is your best opportunity to be among the first people to play test GRID on Android and that's pretty exciting.

Developed by Codemasters Racing and Feral Interactive, GRID has been in development for Android since 2017 and seems finally set to arrive on Android devices sometimes later in 2019. The game has already been released on iOS where it has garnered rave reviews even with a $10 cost of entry. By all accounts this is one of those mobile games that tries to offer the full experience of its genre without imposing gaming limitations or exploitive loot boxes or whatever else.

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