Facebook quietly adds Facebook Home support (and unofficial support) for Galaxy S4, HTC One, others

New persistent notifications also part of undocumented update

Facebook -- facing increasing negative reaction to its Facebook Home launcher as AT&T (at least temporarily) dropped the price of the HTC First to a mere 99 cents -- has silently added support for the HTC One as well as unofficial support for the Samsung Galaxy S4.

The change comes as the official Facebook app received an update just hours after Facebook held a small press conference at its campus in Silicon Valley, touting some 1 million total installations, apparently without listing how many active installations it has. (And that still wouldn't account for anyone who has installed Facebook Home but isn't actually using it.) Following that event, the Facebook application itself received an update. The Facebook Home launcher has not been updated as of April 22.

That brings us to the Samsung Galaxy S4, which you see above. Without a mention in any changelog in any of the Facebook Apps, our Galaxy S4 now show the option to "Use Home Anyway." Tap it, and Facebook Home launches just fine. Same goes for the Sony Xperia ZL.

Additionally, Facebook Home is working without this "Use Home Anyway" intercept on the HTC One. It wouldn't surprise us in the least to see it working -- with or without the warning -- on other devices. Both the HTC One and Galaxy S4 were listed as "supported" devices when Facebook Home was announced, but until now they'd been unable to officially run the launcher.

Also, the Facebook app update has added a new notification -- a persistent "ongoing" notification that lives in your notification pull-down. You can turn it off in the settings menu.

If you've been waiting to try Facebook Home but your device hasn't been supported -- and let's face it, that's probably not a whole hell of a lot of you reading this -- give it a shot now.

  • That persistent notification is BS so many people are going to have no clue how to get rid of it.
  • Wow, what's next? Will Facebook track your location and make it available to everyone without your permission?
  • Google already does that.
  • Persistent notification? I updated Facebook on my Nexus 7 and haven't seen anything, weird. Not that I'm sorry to be spared. :P
  • Haven't seen it either... Hmmm...
  • I get the "use home anyway" button on my Galaxy Nexus. It is also on my Droid X. It looks to me that it was added with today's update of the Facebook app.
  • It runs so slooow on the DX.
  • I haven't noticed anything different on my Nexus, and it updated last night...
  • Where is this "use home anyway" option. I don't see it.
  • Just uninstalled the Facebook app. If I for some dumb reason need to go to Facebook I will make the conscious effort of opening the browser.
  • It's not that serious.
  • Curious, I've been running Facebook Home on my HTC One since I got it nearly two weeks ago and never encountered the "device is not supported" message.
  • What's with the constant digs at Facebook users? Is that really necessary?
  • no kidding...everywhere...facebook home is really a great app...
  • After updating the Facebook app last night I have been using Facebook home on my Epic 4G touch, & all I can say is wow. This launcher needs a lot more work before it will be alright.
  • I wish it worked for the nexus 4. Don't think I would be crazy about it. The new messenger app is very good though.
  • Facebook, I think, is slowly on the way to becoming the previous "big thing." I was listening to a radio interview earlier in the week, with a group of high school students, about their mobile phone usage and what apps they used. The ones you might expect were mentioned by everyone: Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, and some others mentioned by some, but not all. Not one of them mentioned Facebook. When asked why, one student said "I used Facebook for, like, talking with my classmates about homework. It's not really fun anymore." Oops. I wouldn't be buying Facebook stock right now. Facebook may become the next AOL, with a primary user base of people in their 60s and up. :)
  • I've skipped the last few iterations of the Facebook app. Have you looked at all of the permissions they're adding? No way in hell the Facebook app needs those. And I'm not the least bit interested in Facebook Home.
  • I used it for a week. I never put it in my ONE. But I am curious to see if their were any performance changes.
  • cannot use still on the evo 4g lte. i actually WANT to try it......but, denied.
  • I just tried installing it on my s4 and it won't let me. When I first tried a few days ago (before the latest FB app update), it allowed me to install it, but when you load the app, it gave you the coming soon message. I'm thinking they're in the process of making it available on the S4 really soon.
  • Persistent notifications are so annoying. Unless you are notifying me of something it shouldn't be there. I was confused when I initially saw the FB one. I thought it was some sort of glitch. It reminded me of those fake FB ads you see all over the internet that try to get you to click on it.
  • With all these articles about how it is available for Galaxy S4, I wish one person would tell us how to install fb home...I had it on my S3 and dearly miss it, but google play support doesn't even know how to install it. It is not listed when you search google play. When Android Central says go here and download now, that link doesn't work at all,,,it just says fbhome is not available for your S4...How do we install fbhome...please...
  • if facebook is so boring and bad, why does it have so many more users than twitter or google+ or anyone else...all the highschool kids I know use fb more than any other...