IFA 2014 As part of its IFA 2014 presentation, Sony introduced two new models of 'lens camera,' the QX30 and the QX1. While the QX30 is very much the spiritual successor to last year's QX10, the QX1 is a completely different beast. It's a mirrorless camera that supports Sony's e-mount lenses, so you're attaching a lens, to your lens camera, to your smartphone. As such it can get a little unwieldy.

We've not really had chance to take an in depth look at the new cameras, but one thing a lot of people are surely interested in is what they look like attached to a phone. Even the QX30 has some added heft to it compared to last years QX10. But if you plan on getting a QX1 and using some serious lenses with it, be prepared to strap the whole contraption to your tripod. You'll likely need it.