Evo 4G limited to 30 frames per second

Some of you have reported the Evo 4G to be a little choppy while scrolling through the menu, or swiping through the home screens, and it might just not be your imagination. Using an application called ‘fps2d’, Evo enthusiasts have discovered that there appears to be a 30-frames-per-second cap. That means that games and other graphic intensive applications may not be running to the best of their ability. Nobody’s really sure as to why this could be yet, but there was a similar issue with the Motorola Droid when it got its Eclair update. But you better believe your friendly neighborhood devs are quickly working to resolve this issue.  [code.google.com via XDA]

Adam Sawyer
  • I used a Droid Incredible for a week or so and now have an EVO. Love both phones but the Incredible was definitely a little quicker with scrolling.
  • seems weird that the evo would be 30fps & the incredible would be 60 seeing as how they are almost the same specs minus the screen. I had the incredible for a couple weeks before getting the evo and I can't say I noticed a difference though if I had them side by side, maybe it would show
  • Maybe it has to do something with screen size
  • Whew!!! more and more I'm really starting to love the developers of roms. I'm waiting till after my honeymoon before both me and my then wife get the Evo. Hopefully the cap gets taken off when the phone goes to Froyo but if not i'll def be rooting my phone to unlock it's potential. Was there an update that fixed the droid?
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  • I'm still gettin' my groove with this beast. That's the only thing I miss about the Pre.... I had that sucker brewed and patched just the way I wanted it. I'll fig this thing out! Oh and why is it that just when I jump ship to Android the Pre battery seems to dramatically improve??? Govnah update maybe? Hmmm....
  • My incredible stays in 55 ... 30 sucks
  • Is this hardware or firmware issue? Does HTC know about this?
  • firmware issue... I am sure AndroidCentral will pass the word along to HTC and Google.
  • I hate to say this, but hardware is something that Apple shines with. They don't skimp on their hardware designs, unlike many other manufacturers. Everyone that ran out to get the new EVO with the fast 4G network have been bitten by poor wi-fi and now poor framerates. I'm just looking into getting an Android based phone because I like it's open nature, and as a Linux user, I'm pumped that it's Linux based. I also don't like Apple's "you'll do it by our rules" ecosystem. However, I really wish the hardware was much better made like the iPhone on the Android side. It's the hardware cheapness that prompted Apple to enter the cellphone market in the first place.
  • I hate to say this, but you don't know what you are talking about. The fps issue is solely a software/HTC issue. Android 2.2/Froyo or a OTA update from HTC or Google could fix this, if they are made aware of it. I really haven't noticed any choppiness, until I started using those task killer programs. I got rid of the programs and everything started running smoothly again. The wifi issue is not a "poor" wifi signal. It just a little diminished from other phones.
  • Lets not forget about the multiple hardware issues iPhnoes have had...from bad reception (worst in 2.5G still bad in 3GS)to browning of the plastic from heat to cracks in the plastic. This new one looks really solid...but we won't know until its out in the wild.
  • I love to say this. People like you are a disappointment to the community, you haven't taken any time to research your statements. Go aheaD and enjoy your spoon fed opinions about a phone you haven't used. I'm enjoying my Evo just fine with its flash capabilities (good luck getting that on ios4) and 2.1 goodness. The limitations are software, not hardware, learn to get to the meat of the matter before you assert worthless opinions.
  • A phone I haven't used? I have several friends that have various Droid phones and my brother owns an iPhone. I'll admit that I haven't tried an Evo yet, but I dare any of you to try them both for some time. Other issues like Apple's iron fist aside, I guarantee you'll walk away with a lot of respect for the iPhone. Just holding it in one hand and any of the Droid phones in the other, and you notice how much better made the iPhone is. I think some of you are just as big of fanboys as the Apple fanboys and aren't willing to accept criticism. I love the Android OS. I'm a Linux user for 12 years running. I love the open nature of the beast. However, just in the hardware aspects, the Droid phones just seem to be coming up short on quality compared to the iPhone.
  • Apple is cheap, all of their hardware (clearly stated on the back of the device) is made in china...and you are obviously failing to mention the GREAT release of the iphone 4 and how embarressed steve jobs was when on stage he couldnt get a signal... not even wifi, also the antenna for the iphone 4 is built on the side of the phone so if you touch it at all you lose signal. I havent seen or heard of any issues like this on my EVO (made in taiwan) the only iphone i 'respect' is a jailbroke one so you can have complete control over it other than that they arent that great...
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  • Anyone thinking might be intentional to help preserve battery life? 30fps is after all hardly percievable. If there are scrolling issues I don't think this is causing it. I wouldn't be surprised if the capped it to prevent more batter life being used.
  • Untouched GSM Hero, stock 1.5 ROM: avg = 61 stdev = 5.33 Wow, the old girl still has some fight left in her! This is the first time in a few month that I feel relieved from my Android Obsolescence Anxiety Disorder! :)
  • Well if this phone has that issues n STILL KICKS A S S. well I love it the way it is now...so they talking all that sh I t. I can't wait til an uptake fixes it cause is a sick phone now n then it'll definitely THEEE BEST PH OUT THERE
  • It's weird because scrolling feels battery smooth, this has been one of the quickest devices I've ever used. And raging thunder looked to be performing above 30fps... but maybe its all in my head.
  • Don't get me wrong I would love to see them improve the frame rate but I have no complaints. It looks to me that the processor is working fast enough to keep me from really noticing and this thing scrolls WAY better than my Pre' did.