EVO 4G Gingerbread update set to hit June 3

Can't put it more plainly than that. According to this little tidbit that just hit our inbox, it looks like the Sprint HTC EVO 4G -- the first 4.3-inch Android smartphone, as well as the first with 4G Wimax -- could find itself with a an Android 2.3 update -- that's Gingerbread, folks. Starting June 3, you'll be able to manually update. Three days later, if you haven't already requested the update, your phone will ask if you want to update. (Hint: Say yes.)

If this is on the level, it looks like we'll be getting software version 4.22.651.2. And in addition to all of the Gingerbread fixes, you'll see fixes for the infamous SMS bug, a tweak to the Spanish translation in SMS, gmail syncing and that long-annoying bug where batteries just refuse to charge. (Oh, hai, Dieter.)

None of this is official quite yet, and updates like this never hit all at one time. But we've got a good feeling we'll see Gingerbread on the EVO 4G sooner rather than later.

Thanks, anon!

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Phil Nickinson
  • I suppose this is great news! So much for the thought that it would not release until considerably after the Evo 3D? I dread losing root and going through all that stuff again. I finally got around to removing the Sprint junkware that was always running and seemingly draining the battery with strange communications in the background. Well, I should shut up, since I already put my $50 down on the Evo 3D at BB (I am #5), so I will have to go through a lot worse, soon, anyway! :) Damn, I really do like the Evo.
  • It's something!!!! Better than nothing....while we wait for the EVO 3D!!!
  • Exactly! I'm excited that my Evo 4G will still be up to date on the latest and greatest, in software, so if I ever need to swith back to my Evo 4G, in case of emergency, then I wont feel left behind :)
  • ...so will this mean Sense 3.0?....
  • LOL,,,NAH no 3.0.....we wont even see sense 2.1 with this update.....thats why i root....works wonders =)
  • Sense 3.0 takes over 300mb. Its never officially coming to the og 4g.
  • It's actually more like 600 MB.
  • Actually, it looks like June 3rd is the date if you read closely.
  • I don't think anybody looked at the picture really closely, even the Mods. It looks like you could manually update it on June 3, but it will be pushing to phones starting on June 6.
  • Quietly screaming on the inside.. FTW!
  • @backlon not relieved to find that its happening to other ppl besides me, but relieved I'm not cursed... #twoverylongdayswithoutmyevo
  • You guys should be happy, im loving the GB on my Droid X!
  • I've had GB (2.3.4) for a while now, CM FTW
  • Good news. This is great while I wait for EVO 3D!
  • It took them this long and "Gingerbread" to fix the SMS random select ... And some spanish SMS fix? Seriously... They make it sound like a joke. Can someone explain the battery no charge thing... a bit confused by it.
  • A friend of mine had the "battery no charge issue".
    Managed to get the battery low enough that when the phone shut down and she plugged the charger in, no amber charge light. Eventually after a couple of hours this condition resets itself and I was able to put my battery in her phone and see that it worked. Plugging my phone (initially) in with her battery in it had no charge light also until after about an hour. I'm guessing that the phone will be able to charge on a depleted battery no matter what with the new fix.
  • "I was able to put my battery in her phone" ... giggittyyy Ha sorry for my immaturity But thanks for the response :)
  • Actually it is coming out on the third of June as you can see on the right of that photo. :)
  • Damn. Good eyes. :) We've also added a couple more pics for confirmation.
  • Nice nice, yeah. I wish I would have been at work or I would have gotten this first! Haha, good tipster though
  • Whoever took this picture should have taken a picture of the last week of June to see if there was a date for the Evo 3d release e__e
  • It doesn't go that far down.
  • I wonder if this will be 2.3.3 or 2.3.4....
  • Not certain, but my guess is 2.3.3.
  • Just root your phone. Had GB for a while now
  • Hi guys! I'm giving my evo 4g to my wife as soon as the evo 3d hits. Question? Its rooted, she would like it returned back to stock. If i download this update will it automatically kick out the root? Or will it brick the phone?
  • From what I have read, you should NEVER run an OTA update on a rooted phone. There are specific steps you should follow to unroot and return to stock. Check the forums, there are lots of posts/threads on how to do this.
  • NEVER accept an OTA when rooted. Unroot first then grab the update.
  • Cm7 ftw!!!
  • If they don't bump up to Sense 2.1 then this update is going to be mostly "under the hood." So, don't be expecting a new UI layout or redesign. There may be some noticeable changes here and there, but nothing major. Just like the Froyo update.
  • Froyo was major. It brought us Flash.
  • Does anybody know if this will require all previous OTAs to be installed first? I skipped the last update to avoid the Blockbuster crapware, etc. I would imagine this update would supercede that update, so I could move directly to this build without the last one. I'll just have to put up with the bloatware to get the GB goodness.
  • Sweet!! That's all I have to say. Hip hip hooray. :-D.
  • Guess this backs up what I heard from tech support when I called in for a problem on my Evo because oddly enough after 1 year my device has started just rebooting. Tech support told me that they will send me a new Evo with 2.3.3 gingerbread on it which I was surprised to here. Sprint is now giving new customers the Evo 4g with gingerbread which is kool. Regardless i will be enjoying everything about my new Evo 3d but its nice to know that the granddaddy of all 4g Android devices gets what it deserves this device started it all so I'm happy to see my Evo brothers and sisters happy.
  • Does Gingerbread fix the battery life?
  • Its said to optimize the battery but with all the bloatware running for non rooted people I don't think its gonna matter
  • what about DROID pro
  • I'll be clicking "no"...Last 2 upgrades I got on other phones seems to have slowed them down...I'm just not into that. If it had been a newer version of Sense, then maybe. Other than the SMS Bug fix, I don't have any issues, and since I use Handcent or GoSMS I don't have that issue either. If it ain't broke....
  • Can anyone explain on non geek talk what gingerbread brings to the table in practical terms???
  • Take a look here:
  • New on-screen keyboard.
    Improved highlighting and copy/paste.
    Revised battery and power management.
    New "running applications" screen to easily close unnecessary apps.
    Native VoIP calling.
    New download manager.
    Improved default camera software.
    Updated OpenGL drivers for improved graphics and faster gaming.
    VP8 and WebM playback.
    AAC and AMR encoding/recording.
  • Sounds like not a whole lot.
  • Two things! I hope this comes with sense 2.1 and i hope netflix will still work with 2.3. The evo is a great phone and it needs those updates. I have an inspire also, and 2.0 is great but I got no netflix support. on that note evo 3d better have netflix support also
  • Two things! I hope this comes with sense 2.1 and i hope netflix will still work with 2.3. The evo is a great phone and it needs those updates. I have an inspire also, and 2.0 is great but I got no netflix support. on that note evo 3d better have netflix support also
  • A quick question I posted in the forum. Anyone know if this is going to be 2.3.3 or 2.3.4? Basically are we going to have video chat on Google Talk? I would sure hope so!
  • my Evo is rooted with unrevoked 3 how do I unroot so I could get the update.
  • XDA developers will have your answer lol.
    edit: just wait for a rooted version of this, like the guy below me said. muuuuuuuuuch better idea.
  • Good grief, people... Don't unroot. Just wait a couple of hours for the rooted version of stock and flash that. How hard is that?
  • Listen to this man. ^^ It will take you longer to unroot, roll back to the last OTA, then get this one than it will to wait for someone to provide a rooted version.
  • sounds like a plan
  • It should come with sense 2.1 but we all know thats not gonna happen lol
  • so should i unroot????
  • No. If you unroot and flash to an official ROM you will loose root. Wait like a week or two and get a customer ROM from XDA that will be hacked, and then upgrade.
  • it wont even be a week, give it like a day, and youll be set lol
  • *looks at his EVO that is already running it* Dats nice. *goes back to enjoying some Gingerbread*
  • good i love flashing im a flashaholic
  • cm7 baby
  • I was gonna unroot, but I just cant go back to having no root acces. Rooting just opens Android up so much more. Do wanna go back to stock though...i'll just wait for a rooted stock Rom
  • so.......what about the Epic 4G dammit
  • Samsung is what happened... LOL
  • Phil reported on an Epic 4g leaked GB ROM last month
    http://www.androidcentral.com/epic-4g-gets-new-gingerbread-leak-android-... Hopefully soon for ya, but I haven't heard anything else on Epic's GB update since then.
  • I am willing to bet that 80% of Evo owners reading this have already manually checked for the update....I know I have!!
  • Just checked this morning and there is NO HTC Update available ATT! Awww man....maybe later today, eh?
  • Or maybe on June 3rd when the article states it will be available for manual download.
  • So let me get this straight.....if Im rooted, i will not be able to manually receive the update unless I unroot?! Just coming over from Crackberry and new to all this rooting and unrooting stuff.
  • Correct.
    If you are rooted and try to get the OTA update your phone will tell you that it's available and you will be able to download but because the rooted ROM you are running has differences, the update will fail to apply. I know this from experiance as I tried it once just for giggles. You'll need to unroot first and then pull down the update(s) to be successful.
  • Not 100% true ... its possible that you can run a stock ROM that has root access, which should still get the updates ...however the update will probably revert the Rom back and remove root.
  • I know I may be asking a dumb question, but I'm hoping to get a serious answer. If I do the OTA will all of my current apps and everything I've downloaded disappear? In other words, apps that may no longer be in the market. Will I no longer have them on this phone?
  • There are no dumb questions. ;-) If you are not rooted and apply the OTA update, your apps (and their data) should still all be there.
  • Jun 3rd (launched on Jun 4th but 3rd is the working day) would be the first anniversary of Evo 4G. So another reason to believe that this is true ;)