Eufy Security's new cameras automatically track humans so you don't have to

Eufy Solocam L40 Lifestyle
Eufy Solocam L40 Lifestyle (Image credit: eufy Security)

What you need to know

  • Eufy announced six new cameras covering four different categories: Essential, Spotlight, Solar, and Floodlight.
  • All of these new cameras ditch the reliance on a central hub and feature 8GB built-in storage and local AI-powered human detection.
  • Eufy's new Floodlight Cam 2 Pro features automatic human tracking via a built-in 360-degree pan/tilt/zoom motor.

Eufy Security took to the virtual stage to announce six new cameras today, each falling into one of four new categories. Three of these categories call under the SoloCam branding — meaning they're entirely self-reliant since they're all battery-powered and connect directly to Wi-Fi instead of a central hub — while one is a brand new floodlight camera with a big new feature. All of these cameras feature 8GB of built-in storage, connect directly to Wi-Fi instead of a hub, sport at least a 90-decibel alarm, and even have local AI-powered human detection. Eufy Security already makes several of the best outdoor security cameras, and these are sure to be great additions to that list.

Eufy Floodlight Cam 2 Pro's built-in human detection can even auto-track humans it sees using that pan/tilt motor.

The original Eufy Floodlight Camera might not have stood out from the crowd, but the Floodlight Cam 2 Pro aims to change that by swapping out the standard forward-facing camera for something a lot more interesting: a 360-degree pan/tilt/zoom camera in a dome. Eufy's built-in human detection can even auto-track humans it sees using that pan/tilt motor, making it the first floodlight camera on the market with this ability. It upgrades the video quality over the original from 1080p to 2K resolution and increases brightness by 500 lumens, totaling 3,000 lumens of mega brightness. Because of that brightness and the automatic tracking, this one is a wired-only camera.

All but two of the new cameras feature onboard LEDs, which feature a tunable color range for optimizing the way the light looks. Those LED-equipped cameras all feature full-color night vision options and four-month battery life. The new SoloCam Solar S40 is actually solar-powered with a solar panel nestled right on top of the camera, meaning that it'll effectively have infinite battery life so long as it's got enough sunshine to keep it charged. SoloCam Solar S40 records in 2K video.

Eufy's SoloCam Spotlight L20 and L40 are both spotlight cameras, with a ring LED situated all around the camera lens that provides 600 lumens of brightness for truly excellent color night vision. The difference between these two models is that the L20 records video in 1080p resolution, while the L40 upgrades that to 2K video recording.

Lastly, the SoloCam E20 and E40 might look nearly identical to the eufyCam 2 Pro that was released last year, but being part of the SoloCam series means it now has 8GB of built-in storage and connects directly to Wi-Fi instead of a hub. Like the SoloCam Spotlight, SoloCam Essential E20 records in 1080p quality, while E40 upgrades that to 2K.

Eufy is launching all of these cameras this Summer, starting with the SoloCam Essential E20 in mid-June for $99.99, followed by the E40 in late June for $129.99. After that, the Floodlight Cam 2 Pro lands in July for $299.99, while the SoloCam Spotlight L20 will be available in mid-July for $149.99, and the L40 in late July for $169.99. Lastly, the SoloCam Solar S40 is planning to be launched in August for $199.99.

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