EE is recalling Power Bar portable chargers over fire risks from overheating

EE has identified a small number of incidents where its Power Bar portable chargers have overheated. The company is now recalling a specific batch of Power Bars and is asking consumers to check the model numbers of their chargers.

Should your Power Bar be from the E1-06 batch, you'll need to return it as the charger could pose a fire safety risk. Here's how to check:

EE Power Bar

Simply head to your local EE store and hand the unit in. If you happen to own a Power Bar from another batch, EE states you should be absolutely fine. In the meantime, EE has suspended its swap program until the investigation is complete.

Source: EE (opens in new tab)

  • First, the Shield Tablet. Now this. Just a reminder that Lithium-ion batteries can be pretty dangerous if not handled and manufactured correctly. There's a reason they're banned in checked-luggage on aircraft. Wish I could say the same to the folks who fell for that "NFC chip in a Samsung battery" video.
  • Android user must have need to buy a power bank.
  • Not if you have a removable battery. :P
  • Just seen the pics of the students hand from an explosion from one of these - Ouch My girl gave me hers but I think I'll pass.
  • I have a model..which is NOT one of those being recall. I am speculating that overheating may be occurring if people attempt to charge tablets (such as ipad, samsung,nexus etc) they demand a lot more current than a phone. Or perhaps the demand was so high..that they rush to make the 2nd batch..and source the batteries from a different (inferior or cheaper) suppliers? ?? Just my 2 cents worth of contribution Posted via the Android Central App
  • They do get hot. I hadn't heard about issues, so thanks AC for your service.
    I have an E1-03 which I never exchanged.
    I don't think the Moto G I have been using lately likes them though, the battery is misbehaving and the device gets very hot on its own.
    Unrelated probably. Posted via the Android Central App
  • I've got a SoundLogic XT with a similar design, and it gets so hot that I don't let anyone else use it, and I don't use it when I'm sleeping. My PowerAdd and Zero Lemon chargers stay cool even when charging two devices at the same time.