EE launches the '4G Taxi' in London and Birmingham

Not content with being the UK's only 4G LTE carrier thus far, EE is taking it's high speed data on the road by way of taxi. The carrier has made over 40 cabs in London and a further 10 in Birmingham to not only act as mobile advertisements for their LTE service, but will also offer free 4G data to passengers. 

Each taxi is adorned with an EE 4G Mifi which will provide its passengers with an LTE mobile hotspot to connect to while taking in their journey around the city. Useful? Perhaps. It's obviously all a big marketing exercise on EE's part, but in the centre of London, free LTE even for a short amount of time is worth making use of when 3G is traditionally sketchy in the busiest parts of London. So, if you're hailing a cab and one of these approaches, jump in and give it a whirl. 

Source: EE

Richard Devine