Drop the best $20 you'll spend this month on a Sling TV subscription

Sling TV app with Conan
Sling TV app with Conan (Image credit: Sling)

Now that we'll all be staying indoors a bit more due to the developing coronavirus situation around the world, you might be looking for ways to keep yourself and the rest of the family entertained. Saving money in these uncertain times is pretty important too though, which is why this latest deal from Sling is not to be missed. Sling is a live TV streaming service that lets you watch your favorite channels on various devices, and for a limited time, new subscribers can score the first month of service for only $20!

Once your first month has ended, Sling will renew at its normal monthly price of $30, unless you've decided to pay for any additional channel packages or completely cancel the service beforehand. That makes it one of the most affordable live TV streaming options out there currently, and there's no long-term commitment or contract to worry about.

Sling has two different base plans: Sling Orange and Sling Blue. While they do feature some of the same channels, the biggest difference between the two is that Sling Orange includes various ESPN channels, FreeForm, and Disney Channel while Sling Blue includes FX, SyFy, BET, Nick Jr, and more. Today's deal lets you choose either plan for just $20 for the first month. However, if you're having trouble choosing between the two, Sling's Orange + Blue plan combines all the channels into one package for $45 monthly.

Right now we're all in luck as Sling is offering free previews of select add-on channels like CNBC, Hallmark, and more which you'll gain access to just by being a subscriber. A full list of Sling TV's channels can be found here; many of them come through add-ons of extra packages that come for an additional monthly fee, so you'll want to keep that in mind while browsing, as well as which devices Sling can be accessed on.

Alternatively, Sling is offering a free Amazon Fire TV Stick when you pre-pay for two months of service at its regular price of either $30 for Sling Orange or Blue, or $45 for the combo package. That could be a better option for you if you don't currently have a streaming device or want another one.

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