Droid RAZR software review

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Want to stroll through the Motorola Droid RAZR software without being bothered with all those words and things? We gotcha covered. Here's a quick look at a lot of what Motorola's packed into the Droid RAZR. 

You've got the same Philblur UI that's evolved over the past year or so. Five home screens, a customizable dock, and a horizontal scrolling app drawer. That's the bread and butter, but where Motorola's really impressing is with the little things. Automatic reminders for Wifi (and automatically turning it on when you're near a trusted network). A new music app. MOTOACTV. MOTOPRINT. Plus more pre-loaded applications than we know what to do with.

Take a gander at the video above for a walkthrough, then hit the full review for all the dirt details.

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Phil Nickinson