Droid Event Announced for October 28th, Releasing November 9th ?

It looks like that countdown clock on the Droid website was ticking down to the official announcement of the Verizon Droid. Verizon just sent out invitations to the media that confirms what we already know--the Droid is made by Motorola headed to Verizon and going to be one of 'must-have devices of the year'. So come October 28th, be ready for the onslaught of Droid.

In a separate promotional mailer from Verizon PR, 11.09 is listed on the backside. And since November 9th comes after October 28th, we're deducing that the later date could be the actual release date of the Droid. We make pretty good detectives, don't we?

And lastly, to show how serious Verizon is about the Droid, check out the video of the package they mailed to MobileCrunch after the break! What can say 'Droid' more than that?

[via engadget, gearlog]

Casey Chan
  • I think you are wrong about the Droid's release date being Nov 9th. 11.09 refers to November 2009, not November 9th.
  • yea, what zekester said. here's hoping for an unveiling on the 28th wrapped up with a "and you can order them starting immediately from a verizon store or website" though...c'mon, i want to give you my money already verizon!
  • I'm waiting for the GSM version to hit. Even if AT&T doesn't get it and our Canadian friends do those AT&T friendly 3G bands will grab my import fees. CDMA/EVDO network s*cks, can you even have a voice conversation and use data at the same time yet?