Droid Eris To Be $99 When Released

We know today is DROID day and nothing official regarding other DROID devices (it is a series after all) will be announced by Verizon but gdgt has given word that the DROID Eris will be priced at $99 with new contract. Remember, the DROID Eris is purportedly the Verizon version of the HTC Hero and the Sprint HTC Hero sells for $179. If the DROID Eris is in fact the HTC Hero, it'll undercut the Sprint version at half the price and be on an arguably better network. Two wins in our book.

We love the aggressively competitive (or is it competitively aggressive) pricing of the DROID Eris. Like our prediction, the DROID Eris will be offered as a lower-end device from the higher-end DROID. Obviously, a Verizon HTC Hero isn't low-end by no means but priced at $99 will certainly ruffle some feathers. Either way, at $99 and $199 price points, it looks like they'll both be steals.


Casey Chan
  • Arguably better network?
    Sprint's data plan costs MUCH less per year and their customer service has been much better than in the past. If you do buy a Sprint HTC Hero, then you save much more per year to make up for the cost of the Hero.
  • I agree with the original poster. I won't argue that Verizon probably has a stronger overall coverage area, but Sprint: 1. Has cheaper data and voice plans (plus any mobile/anytime)
    2. Doesn't lock down their users and cripple their phones (I haven't seen evidence of this on the Droid line, but we'll see). Sprint has gotten a bad wrap for their customer care, but their products are solid and customer care has improved. Todd P.S. I'm very curious how many iPhone owners see this as their chance to dump AT&T. I think there will be a giant sucking sound in the larger metro areas. AT&T is the obvious target of the new Verizon campaign(s)
  • Good for Big Red! Nice to see them offering their customers a break on the price of the new HTC unit.
  • Will this require the 30$ data plan?
  • Im sure it will, especially to get the phone for that price.
  • If you are in the middle of your Verizon contract and already have a data plan (Blackberry), does anyone know what the Eris cost?