Download the leaked Galaxy Note 8 wallpapers!

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 isn't being announced for a few more weeks yet, but given its proximity to public testers, the inevitability of leaks increases by the day. We know what it looks like, what features it will have, and now we have a series of wallpapers that will ship on the phone come September.

Like the Galaxy S8 before it, the new wallpapers are soft, abstract and bucolic — exactly what you want to see when you turn on an Infinity Display.

Interested in taking them for a spin on your phone? Hit up the gallery below and get downloading!

AC Staff
  • Damn...those wallpapers are as bad as the firmware formally known as TouchWiz this phone will be bloated with.
  • Respectfully disagree
  • It's 2017. Touchwiz has been awesome for at least 2 years now. Change the record
  • Correction: Touchwiz is better and improved... Not awesome. I'd still prefer not to have it. I tolerate Samsung because of their fantastic hardware. I almost immediately load Nova Launcher on them.
  • That's only your opinion
  • Awesome? Lol. It's so awesome that it's still getting destroyed side by side by other phones with the same and even older chipsets. Samsung still has optimization issues do in part to the heavy modifications and continued bloat. The longer a Samsung phone is used, the more jank and lag you'll see from it
  • That's true, lag is warranty with time
  • That's predate s6 this is a whole new beast have had my s8 since new an its still fast as the day I got it . An because I phone opens a app a nano second faster only matters to YouTube jocks . This phone is feature rich an I wouldn't trade it for anything other then the note 8
  • TouchWiz always has and always will have better features than stock Android. Besides where do you think Android gets all their ideas from anyway thanks TouchWiz..
  • Yes but why do they continue to duplicate the ones added to Android and why don't they let you delete the ones you don't want?
  • Those wallpapers remember me jelly bean
  • I like these. I downloaded several. Num 3 looks great on my homescreen. Very clean look. Num 1 is now my lock screen. Thanks.
  • hmm...why do i not see the wallpaper from the snippet on the main page in this article page? i saw two phones next to each other and one had this cool image that looked like you're underwater, but when i clicked to open the article, it's not in the images above....or am i wrong?