Does Tello support 5G?

5G on a OnePlus Nord N200 T-Mobile
5G on a OnePlus Nord N200 T-Mobile (Image credit: Samuel Contreras / Android Central)

Does Tello support 5G?

Yes, Tello uses the T-Mobile network for its customers, including LTE and 5G support. All Tello plans come with 5G support, but you may need to upgrade your phone to use it.

Which network does Tello use?

Tello uses the T-Mobile network for all of its connectivity, with full LTE and 5G support. In the past, Tello used Sprint, but with that network almost completely shuttered, all Tello customers should have been moved over to the T-Mobile network by now.

To get access to 5G on Tello, you'll need a phone capable of using T-Mobile's 5G network — that's band n71 for most coverage, and n41 for improved speeds. Most of the best Android phones available today support this network, including Samsung's Galaxy S22 and 5G Google Pixels. To get the most out of Tello's network, you should have a 5G-compatible phone.

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T-Mobile's 5G network covers 320 million Americans, and isn't slowing down with continued expansion. The network is also getting faster as T-Mobile works to upgrade its towers with band n41 coverage. This faster mid-band network, called Ultra Capacity, already covers 235 million people. T-Mobile has the best 5G coverage in the country, thanks to getting a few 5G bets right with its own 600MHz spectrum and the 2.5GHz spectrum it got from Sprint.

All Tello plans get equal access to 5G as long as there's coverage and the phone is compatible with the network. This has allowed Tello to create one of the best cell phone plans for light users, with the flexibility to accommodate heavier users. However, keep in mind that Tello's largest data plan only comes with 25GB of data; so while 5G can increase your connection speed, it won't bring you any more data.

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