Does the Note 10 have a microSD card slot?

Best Answer: No, there's no microSD slot in the smaller Galaxy Note 10 (though it comes with 256GB of storage). The Note 10+ does have a microSD slot, though, and can be expanded up to 1TB with the right card.

Will the built-in storage be enough?

This will really depend on how you use your phone, but for the majority of users, the answer is yes. Those who mainly use their phones for texting and calls will have more than enough space. In fact, we'd go so far as to say that most users would be plenty happy with 64GB of storage.

However, the Galaxy Note 10's 256GB could eventually prove frustratingly limiting to anyone who's constantly taking pictures, downloading media, or playing the latest games on their phone. The Galaxy Note 10+'s 512GB version is large enough that it should probably give you enough space during your life with the phone.

To get an idea of how much storage you use, consider that 1GB can store about 200 photos or 230 songs, while smartphone games tend to take up 1GB to 2GB each. Depending on what they do, apps tend to range anywhere from 2GB to 4GB each. Typically, 256GB and up will provide plenty of space for most individuals.

Thankfully, the Note 10+ does have a microSD slot

Luckily, the larger version of the phone, which also comes standard with 256GB of storage, comes with a microSD slot. Why does the larger version offer the legacy SD slot but the smaller one doesn't? It's all about space inside the chassis. The regular Note 10 is so small that space was at a premium.

If you do end up getting a Note 10+, you can we have a roundup of the best microSD cards you can buy right now.

More about the Galaxy Note 10/ Note 10+

The Galaxy line are Samsung's best-selling smartphones. They also happen to be incredibly powerful and therefore far more expensive than many other smartphones on the market. The Note 10 and Note 10+ are two of the company's latest and both include a stylus known as the 10 S Pen, which makes it easier to interact with apps, draw sketches, or write hand-written messages on your screen.

Unlike previous phones in the series, these ones are doing away with the built-in headphone jack.

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