Does the Galaxy S20 have a headphone jack?

Samsung Galaxy S20
Samsung Galaxy S20 (Image credit: Andrew Martonik / Android Central)

Best answer: No. After Samsung removed the headphone jack on the Galaxy Note 10, that decision has carried over to the entire Galaxy S20 line-up, unfortunately. In order to listen, you'll need a pair of wireless headphones or an USB-C adapter.

Samsung would like you to consider its new Galaxy Buds

Ready or not — love it or hate it — the 3.5mm headphone jack is all but dead now that Samsung has officially abandoned it on its major flagships. Given how great Bluetooth headphones have gotten in recent years, this really isn't that big of a deal for most people, even if it might be more expensive.

It does mean that we won't be getting any complimentary AKG earbuds with our Samsung flagships anymore, which is sad since those were pretty great. Instead, Samsung is hoping that Galaxy S20 buyers snag a pair of its own Galaxy Buds.

The good news is that those Galaxy Buds work really well with Samsung phones. Pairing is as easy as opening the Buds' carrying case and unlocking your phone, and you'll be greeted with the option to pair your buds immediately. From there, you'll get up to six hours of battery life with the portable charging case offers an additional seven hours of battery life. They offer active noise-canceling (ANC), and while it isn't as effective as ANC on over-ear headphones, it's still a noticeable improvement, meaning you can count on these on your busiest commutes and travel days.

Samsung is expected to refresh the Galaxy Buds alongside the release of the Galaxy S20 — and there might even be some bundles available that include a pair of the new buds. We'll update this article as soon as those are available, but for now the original Galaxy Buds are still our top recommendation for wireless earbuds for the latest Samsung flagships.

Marc Lagace

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