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Best answer: Yes, the Galaxy S20's fingerprint sensor will work with most plastic (or film) screen protectors. However, if the issues with last year's models are anything to go by, you might run into some issues with tempered glass options.

You'll still need to find the "right" screen protector

When Samsung unveiled its ultrasonic fingerprint sensor, everyone thought that we were truly moving into the future. A fingerprint scanner that you didn't have to reach for and couldn't see? That's an amazing concept and one that Samsung attempted to deliver on.

Fast forward to the release of the Galaxy S10 and then the Note 10 and there is still plenty of trouble surrounding the scanner. Samsung has a pre-installed screen protector on its flagship devices, which works with the fingerprint scanner.

The issue comes when you attempt to try and use a third-party option. It's for this reason that WhiteStone Dome became more of a household name, as it was verified as one of the few "compatible" tempered glass screen protectors. Other brands advertised themselves as being compatible, only for users to find out that it simply wasn't the case.

What should you consider?

Galaxy S20 Plus Fingerprint SensorSource: Android Central

You should, firstly, consider leaving the stock screen protector on the S20. However, if you must put something else on, there are a few different third-party screen protectors worth a look.

For those who like plastic screen protectors, UniqueMe has a three-pack of its TPU Clear Soft Flim protectors. These are not only case friendly, but are stated to work with the ultrasonic fingerprint scanner. UniqueMe's listing states this is due to a new "innovative process" to achieve its self-healing process, along with the high-touch sensitivity.

On the other side of the fence, there are even less choices for a tempered glass screen protector. We are sure more and more screen protector makers will be providing new options as we get closer to the S20's release date. However, for early adopters, one of the best options seems to be the AsBellt Tempered Glass Screen Protector.

The reason for our pick is because of the company's "lifetime replacement/refund warranty." AsBellt states that if you reach out, it'll work with you to get your screen protector refunded or replaced, depending on the situation. This gives early-adopters of the Galaxy S20 family a peace of mind in order to keep that gorgeous new screen safe from scratches.

We're expecting more options to come out over the next few months, including some from more well-known brands like Whitestone Dome Glass. When the time comes, Samsung-certified screen protectors will be the way to keep the S20 safe from harm.

The new hotness

Samsung Galaxy S20

The latest and greatest from Android's biggest brand

Samsung's Galaxy S20 is the starting point for a new lineup that includes three different options. You'll get a 6.2-inch QHD+ display, Snapdragon 865 chipset, a three-camera rear system, 12GB of RAM, and a 4,000mAh battery. All of this is pretty great, along with 5G compatibility.

Bare essentials

UniqueMe TPU Film Screen Protectors (3-pack)

Works with just about any phone

The UniqueMe TPU Film Screen Protector doesn't do anything special other than work with the S20, which is great in its own right considering fingerprint scanner issues. Plus, this pack includes a total of three protectors so you can swap for a new one at anytime.

Get some glass for the glass

AsBellt Tempered Glass Screen Protector

This is the one for early adopters

If you're an early adopter and must have a tempered glass screen protector, then you can try this option from AsBellt. This is being touted as working with the Galaxy S20's fingerprint scanner, but the real appeal is the lifetime warranty in the event that something doesn't work right.

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