Best Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus Screen Protectors 2024

The Samsung Galaxy S20+ has everything you could want from a 2020 flagship. There's a powerful Snapdragon 865 processor, multiple rear cameras, and a gorgeous 120Hz AMOLED display. That display is one of the main reasons to pick up the S20+, but if it happens to get scratched or shattered, the experience won't be the same. Prevent that from happening by picking up one of the best Galaxy S20+ screen protectors. Trust us — you want one.

These Galaxy S20+ screen protectors will keep it scratch-free

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The S20+ is an expensive phone — don't ruin its display

Sure, screen protectors might not be the most exciting thing to talk about, but there's no denying their importance — especially when you're protecting a phone as expensive as the Galaxy S20+. If you want to give your S20+'s display the best chance it has at going unscathed without breaking the bank, get the Caseology Film Screen Protector.

We think Caseology's is among the best Galaxy S20+ screen protectors, striking a near-perfect balance. Its protectors are easy to install and offer ample protection. Moreover, you're getting a bundle of two at a price anyone can get behind.

Taking things up a notch, there's the ZAGG InvisibleShield Ultra Clear+ Screen Protector. This is a film protector just like what Caseology is selling, but ZAGG designed it to feel like glass. You'll need to pay quite a bit more for this luxury, but it's well worth the added cost for some people.

And, of course, we have to mention the Dome Glass Whitestone Screen Protector. The price of this protector will undoubtedly keep some potential customers at bay, but if you want to bite the bullet, you'll be rewarded. Dome Glass's UV installation is the best in the business, with the result being a precise and secure application unlike anything else.

Any of the screen protectors on this list will give your S20+ top-notch protection, and when you're using one of the best Android phones around, that's something you can't live without. Once you have the screen protector figured out, take a look at a case to complete your 360 degrees of protection of the device. We rounded up the best Galaxy S20+ cases in general, but if you're seeking something really specific, have a look at our picks for the best heavy duty cases, best leather cases, and best clear cases for the Galaxy S20+.

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