Do you use Android Auto in your car?

As tempting as it can be, it's never a good idea to take your eyes off the road while driving to play with your phone. No matter what Tweet, text, or Snapchat you think you need to look at, it can wait until you're no longer behind the wheel.

With that said, if you're listening to music, using turn-by-turn navigation, or need to answer an important call, Android Auto makes it easy to perform these actions in a safe manner.

Android Auto is a really great tool, but how many people are actually using it? Here's what our AC forum members have to say.

Yes, currently directly on the phone screen and will be a requirement on my next car purchase (soon I hope). Google did a pertty decent job implementing the phone-based AA experience and really looking forward to having it on a 7" or 8" dash display.


I use it in my wife's car, but my car does not have it. Starting to use it though even when I don't have a screen to cast it to in my car. Seems to put a few things right at my finger tips that I need when in the car. Still getting used to it more.


Been using since got my 2016 Golf, used both AA and CP both mostly good experience. Will be using AA with my new pixel waiting to arrive this week.


Yes, I use it wired in my 2016 Chevy Spark. I can't imagine getting a car without it.


What about you? Do you use Android Auto?

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