Do you think the Galaxy S10 is still worth buying?

Samsung Galaxy S10+
Samsung Galaxy S10+ (Image credit: Android Central)

New Android phones are fun and exciting, but not everyone needs to have the latest and greatest. While they can be a lot of fun to talk and write about, putting up the money to buy one is a different story.

Recently, one of our AC forum members said that they currently have a Galaxy S8+ and are looking to upgrade. However, they're torn between whether to get the new S20+ or last year's S10+.

Here's how some of our other members responded.

I personally would definitely go for the S10+ and save alot of money. If you have to ask if you need 5G, then you probably don't really need it. I think the vast majority of consumers don't need it now, and probably won't for quite some time.


save the money. wait until 5G is more widespread. One option. You could look for a used s10+ on swappa, etc. Compare those prices taking into account selling your s8 also. Would that be a lot better than the trade in deal? but if you definitely want brand new, forget it then. Just a thought as I've almost always bought used devices. You'll enjoy no matter what!!


Hi there. You do keep your phones for a few years, so future proofing could be a good idea. The things to think about it the type of 5G available where you are. The basic S20 only has sub 6 5G which is barely faster than LTE/4G right now. So I wouldn't buy that phone for its 5G capability. If you want the latest and greatest processor than we would be looking at the S20 range. If you are wanting...

Kizzy Catwoman

I just posted on the S20 forum (S10 vs S20) as to why I went with the S10 over the S20. As great of a phone as it is, the S20 is simply overkill for me right now. I've had the S10 less than 24 hours and I feel I made a good choice.


What say you? Do you think the Galaxy S10 is still worth buying?

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