Do you think Galaxy Buds Plus are worth $150?

Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus
Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus (Image credit: Daniel Bader / Android Central)

About two weeks ago, we reviewed Samsung's new Galaxy Buds+. In that review, we praised the Buds+ for their excellent battery life, good sound quality, USB-C charging, and more. In short, they're excellent earbuds.

That said, the $150 asking price is not cheap and everyone has different listening preferences. As such, we decided to venture into the AC forums to see what other people think about the Buds+.

Here's what some of our members had to say:

Your expectations might be a little high for a set of buds in this price range. I've watched a few reviews and while they all say great things about them they do mention the lack of great sound. I don't think you'll get great bass unless you drop over $200 on a pair. Like the others have said though, a proper seal will definitely improve the sound quality.


They're crap. Get a real set of headphones and move on. ;)


They are fine if you are getting it as part of pre order credit. Paying $150 plus tax is little steep, I would say look for sale on local marketplace to snag one cheaper since lots of them will be on sale market because people trying to sell the pre order gifts.


I too find these to be adequate for my everyday use. Being free is an added bonus. I haven't ordered my +s yet, but I've had 2 pairs of the originals. The reviews I've read/watched say for the money they're a great set of buds. If battery life is important I don't think there's a set out there in any price range that can beat them. Obviously Samsung didn't focus a lot of time on music quality and...


What about you? Do you think Galaxy Buds+ are worth $150?

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