Do I need PlayStation Plus to use EA Access on PS4?

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Best answer: No. EA Access does not require Xbox Live Gold on Xbox One or PlayStation Plus on PS4 in order to join. However, online multiplayer games will still require PS Plus to access their online features and gameplay.

What is EA Access?

EA Access is a digital game subscription service that gives you access to a catalog of EA-published and developed games. Members also receive a 10% discount on EA digital purchases and are allowed to take part in 10-hour free trials of newly released games.

How do we know EA Access on PS4 does not require PlayStation Plus?

EA has explicitly stated as such.

Nope, you can join without PlayStation Plus if you want. However, you'll need one if you want to use the online features of any games in the collection (like online multiplayer).

PlayStation is usually more lenient when it comes to its online service and requires it for fewer programs/games than Xbox does anyway. For example, a lot of free-to-play multiplayer games on Xbox One, like Apex Legends, require Xbox Live Gold, while PlayStation users do not need PS Plus to play Apex Legends on PS4.

Will I still need PlayStation Plus to play multiplayer titles on EA Access?

Yes. If it's a game that you usually need PS Plus for online multiplayer, then you'll still need PS Plus, regardless of whether you got the game through EA Access. This applies to the multiplayer modes and other online features in games like Battlefield 1, Star Wars Battlefront II, Titanfall 2, and other multiplayer titles.

Where can I sign up for EA Access on PlayStation 4?

You can download the EA Access Hub through the PlayStation Store. You can then choose to subscribe to the service for either $4.99/month or $29.99/year.

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