Did you download Android Q Beta 4?

As of Wednesday, June 5, Google began rolling out Android Q Beta 4.

Like we expected, Beta 4 is a fairly modest update compared to Beta 3. There are some new accent colors to play around with, Smart Lock has been rebranded as Pixel Presence, and there's a hint at the power button potentially being used to show your cards/passes from Google Pay in a later build.

Looking through the AC forums, a lot of our members are already rocking the new software.

really liking the colors on the calendar widget. much better than last beta


Pixel 2XL as well. Restarted and my phone app crashed.

Kizzy Catwoman

I'm still finally downloading and optimizing applications I'll report back.


Mine failed to load, dumped to recovery mode, so I ended up with a factory reset. But once that was done, it's been running great. Thankful I wasn't running this on my main Pixel.


What about you? Did you download Android Q Beta 4?

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