Did you download the Android Q beta?

Yesterday, March 13, proved to be a pretty exciting day. Why? Google launched the first public beta for Android Q!

The beta is available now for all Pixel, Pixel 2, and Pixel 3 phones and allows early adopters to start messing around with Google's next big Android version before anyone else.

Taking a gander through the AC forums, it looks like a lot of folks are eager to do so.

I will. Google normally does a good job with betas and I enjoy playing with them.


I'm going to play with Q


Ive jumped on every Beta from the beginning. I always get angry when I do because I typically have issues(which is why its a beta duh) and tell myself never to jump on beta again. I have to say, the Pie beta was one of the smoothest of them all and the initial beta was good enough for a daily driver.


If it's anywhere near as stable as DP1 was for P, Absolutely!


What about you? Did you download the Android Q beta?

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Joe Maring

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