The HTC Desire HD gets FCC approval for North American 3G

The Desire HD, which is more or less a 4G-less Evo 4G for Europe, may be making its way across the pond sometime soon, if FCC filings give any indication. Most likely it is being approved for a launch on Canadian carriers like Bell, Rogers, and Telus, but it would also work just fine on AT&T (wouldn't it be nice to have a high-end Android phone other than the Captivate?). T-Mobile customers are out of luck because the carrier uses a different frequency for its 3G coverage. Either way, it seems the Desire HD will be making at appearance on North American shores at some point next year. [FCC via Engadget]

Kyle Gibb
  • Given AT&T's ambivalence toward Android, I doubt you will see this on AT&T. I'm sure they have some low end POS to add to their Android line up instead. AT&T has made it clear that WP7 is what they will concentrate on after the iphone.
  • AT&T won't have any "ambivalence" toward android when they lose exclusivity on the iPhone. I predict they will be all in. And, no At&T has NOT made it clear they will concentrate on Winmo7. You made that up.
  • The truth points to itself.
  • A year old article, by a pcWorld flak? Is that what you have? And note that Winphone 7 is available on T-Mobile directly from Microsoft's own pages. But on AT&T's smartphone pages you have to search way down the page to find any WinPhone 7 devices. AT&T has never made any statement about concentrating on Winmo.
  • Take with the usual large grain of salt:
    I was in an AT&T store (not a licensed store) talking with a salesman about the future of Android on AT&T, and he said Android should take off on the carrier next year because of 2 new high-end offerings. I prodded with the Motorola Olympus, which he confirmed, then he said a version of the Desire HD would come, too. Again, grain of salt, but that's from the unreliable horse's mouth.
  • I'd very much like this device If I could get it anywhere other than from AT&T. I'd still plan to use it on AT&T, just sick of having to void my warranty to get rid of their shovelware.
  • I would love this to make its way to my pocket