Dell's new 2-in-1 Chromebook has USB-C and stylus support

Devices like the Pixelbook help Chrome OS be more appealing and attractive to general consumers, but in addition to this, there's a giant slew of Chromebooks that are targeted specifically at schools. The Dell 5190 is the latest education-focused Chromebook to come to market, but even if you aren't a student, there's enough here that makes it worth checking out nonetheless.

The 5190 is Chromebook with an 11-inch screen, and it's available as either a traditional laptop or with a 2-in-1 design so you can have it double as a tablet. In addition to this, there's also stylus support and USB-C (making the 5190 the first Dell Chromebook to adopt the new charging/syncing standard).

You'll be able to configure the 5190 with up to a quad-core Intel Celeron processor and battery life is rated to be up to 13 hours. Plus, if durability is a big concern for you, Dell states that it'll be able to withstand "10,000 micro-drops" from four inches.

Dell will begin selling the 5190 in February with a starting price of $289.

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Joe Maring

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