Dell's 10-inch tablet gets a name, specs: Meet the Dell Streak Pro

We've been talking in the forums about specs for the rumored Dell Streak Pro -- the 10-inch tablet that's coming -- and now we've got the pic to back it up. So what you're looking at is a 10-inch tablet at 1280x800 resolution (that's normal for that size), running Honeycomb. No surprises there. Also mentioned is the newer Tegra T25 processor. Noyce. It'll be "data only," meaning don't expect to do voice calls on this thing, unless it's VOIP. And to that end it's got a pair of microphones for video chat.

Codenamed the "Gallo," the Streak pro also is said to have an "enterprise application stack," which should be good for you suits out there, and Dell's "Stage 1.5" user interface. What's not mentioned in this spec sheet is a possible USB host and client, or a dock with an ethernet port, both of which we'd love to see.

And that June date at the top goes against a report just a couple weeks ago that said the tablet was being pushed back to fall. Of course, this is as unofficial is that rumor, so we'll all just need to wait and see. Thanks, anon!

Phil Nickinson
  • GOD dell WHY... your stage UI is crap! Please just use stock, please.
  • Stage UI is just a set of 7 or 8 widgets which you don't have to use.
  • I hope they do better on their tablets than they do their computers, because Dell, who was once probably the best made computer on the market, is merely junk nowadays. Their customer service, which was once the best, is absolutely horrible.
  • Hope Dell puts a larger battery in this tablet than in the Streak 7. The 7 has terrible battery life.