Dell working on 7-inch tablet, Streak to be sold at Best Buy soon

Dell had moderate success with its Dell Steak (pictured above), and looks to be following upon that with a new tablet. CEO Michael Dell announced the device during a conference in San Francisco, but did not give any details other than it would pack a 7-inch screen and run an unspecified version of Android. Considering the screen size, it is probably safe to assume the device will be a full-fledged tablet, and not a phone/tablet hybrid like the Streak. One would hope that Gingerbread would be released and on the tablet by the time the device is launched, but that might be a pipe dream considering the struggles Dell has had just getting the Streak up to Froyo. In addition, the CEO mentioned that the Streak would be available in Best Buy retail locations soon. [Wall Street Journal]

  • Another 7" Tablet......why?? I have a 4.3" DX....what do I need another 2.7 inches for (easy ladies!!) I'm no Apple Fanboy, but give me 10" or less to make it worth my $$$ (that's what she said!)
  • couldn't agree more!!
  • What about a canadian release date PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE
  • Ask your ex girlfriend...she will explain that there is a huge difference between 4.3inches and 7 inches lol
  • idk, my gf tends to prefer gerth or length so maybe this might work out since it seems a little thinker than other tabs >.<
  • that's lucky you found a girl who'll compromise, then.
  • What's a Dell Steak?