Dell will sell you a red Froyo'd Streak unlocked and with more memory

The Dell Streak hasn't exactly been a resounding success, but the PC manufacturer is looking to climb back into the race by offering the Streak directly from their website with numerous options. There are a couple different price points, so lets walk through them:

  • $550 - 16GB, locked to AT&T or $300 with 2-year contract
  • $580 - 16GB, unlocked
  • $649 - 32GB, locked to AT&T or $400 with 2-year contract
  • $679 - 32GB, unlocked

In addition to the standard black we have all become familiar with in the tech industry, Dell will also be offering the Streak in red at all price points. The basic 16GB locked Streak should ship right away, but all other versions shouldn't ship until Dec. 8.  In addition, Dell seems to have gotten Froyo all worked out (last we heard it was just starting to be rolled out in the UK) which should make the 5-inch device much more attractive. [Dell via Engadget]

Kyle Gibb