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Day 6 of Google's 10-day, 10-cent, 10 billion app download celebration

Welcome to Day 6 of  Google's 10-day, 10-cent, 10 billion app download celebration. Let's see what's on sale on Sunday:

That's it. Well, actually, that's eight. Endomondo Sports Tracker Pro and Great Little War Game are back for a second round, and that makes 10. See you Monday morning!

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  • Backstab looks cool.
  • Somehow it's not compatible with any of my devices? 2xlg optimus, evo 4g, evo 3d, gt 10.1, asus transformer. I pretty much have every possibility covered. What crazy specs are required for this one?
  • yeah, doesn't work on my transformer either, but it is compatible with my nexus s 4g.
  • One of the comments in the Market says that if you download the app, then move it to your SD card before running the program for the first time and downloading the major pack, you may want to try it and see if that works. I am doing it now on my DX, we will see. Update: Works on my DX, a little choppy at times, looking forward to upgrading my phone, seems like a nice game.
  • There's no way to donwnload if it you don't have a "compatible" device. You can't do it online (it just won't let you) and it won't show up in the market on your devices.
  • i am too confused about this one, My evo running CM7 and MY Dell Streak 7 Running 3.2 are not not compatible but my old nookColor running 2.3 is compatible? WTF!
  • Doesnt work on my rezound either, come on its called Backstab HD and the rezound is HD
  • Doesnt work on my rezound either, come on its called Backstab HD and the rezound is HD
  • Doesnt work on my rezound either, come on its called Backstab HD and the rezound is HD
  • Looks great on the Xoom!
  • So why is it compatible with the Xoom and not a Transformer or GT10.1? It's the same hardware inside? The developer has really screwed up on this one. Lost sales.
  • Endomondo Sport Tracker Pro is back
  • Great Little War Game is also back
  • they should have 10 cent app days every day :)
  • I agree!
  • Lol this page turns up while i'm sending in a tip with the first to apps! Haha keep up the great work guys! i'll keep an eye out for the other apps. :)
  • - Backbreaker Football
  • Sim City isn't compatible with the Epic Touch... Sadness!
  • Try this link
    maybe it works here ;)
    or this I have a HTC Desire and games from Electronic Arts Inc. only work if I pick them up at Electronic Arts Nederland BV ;) in the market
  • Fortunately, both it and backbreaker football appear to be compatible with my Nook Color.... so I can buy them that way and sideload the apk later. I can't imagine it wouldn't work.
  • I find it hilarious that my brand new, state of the art phone can't run a program that successfully installed and ran on my 1995 mac. Great job coding there, and EA.
  • More like they went crazy with the market restrictions. One thing this 10c sale has taught me, a lot of devs do the same. For example, I'm sick of seeing that games are compatible with the samsung 10.1 but not the transformer. Sim City isn't compatible with the Epic but it is with my captivate. I can understand some restrictions, but not things like that.
  • Have u seen this from thumbkeyboard? Beansoft Just a fact: developers can't ask less than 99ct. Only Google can lower the price to 10ct. 0:57 AM Dec 11th via Twitter for Android Beansoft Hypocrisy: Google is forcing a new ranking in the market just before Christmas and the ICS release with their selected 10ct apps. 0:50 AM Dec 11th via Twitter for Android Beansoft Thumb Keyboard tumbled down 50 places in the Google market ranking because of Google's 10B promo. We are working on a big protest. 0:07 AM Dec 11th via Twitter for Android 145742118156120064
  • Another example of "no good deed remains unpunished." Or "the road the hell is paved with good intentions"?
  • Hopefully this promotion is gonna get a lot of people who haven't setup their google wallets on their phones yet to do so. Which will lead to more sales for all devs including Beansoft.
  • If thumbkeyboard wasn't somewhat of a turd in comparison to SwiftKey X, or if it was at least better than the standard gingerbread keyboard for much of anything, this may have held water.
  • Jenga isnt compatible with the ns4g
  • Amazon gave that app out for the free app of the day. you're not missing anything.
  • that's weird, it works on my ns4g.
  • Download it from amazon. I'm not a fan of the Amazon App store, but I was able to pay 10c there just an hour ago.
  • backbreaker football is great, and i'm not even a fan of watching football. fun to try and juke the opponents and then to see yourself get clobbered.
  • Backbreaker didn't work on my Xoom.
  • I want some world of goo for $0. 10!
  • NFL 3D Live Wallpaper Unlocked
  • It's really starting to piss me off that EA continues to make their apps available to Honeycomb users, when they aren't even compatible.
  • I have a HTC Desire and games from Electronic Arts Inc. only work if I pick them up at Electronic Arts Nederland BV in the market ;)
    perhaps it is also such for your honeycomb device
  • Meh, Droid 3 is incompatible with both captain america and backstab hd. Love all these games that lower spec phones can run but higher ones cant.
  • I have a Dell Streak, which has lower specs, and it is incompatible with both of those games as well.
  • you look at the compatibility list for Captain america, it lists things like Droid X and Droid pro but not Droid x2, 3, or Bionic. Granted I only have an OG and Droid 3 so cant verify that the x2 or bionic wont download it, but they arnt listed. As for Gameloft, half their games I can download and half I cant. Funny thing is Nova 2 says my device is incompatible yet it came as bloatware on my phone and runs fine.
  • I've played through 2 levels of Captain America on my Photon with 0 problems. my specs are very close to the Bionic, I wonder why mine works OK? Backstab won't even show up in the market for me- definitely not compatible.
  • 10 days of stupid games. Gawd, this keeps getting worse.
  • Wah.. Google's generosity isn't up to my standards. If there's an app that you're particularly interested in, cough up the $3 and quit complaining about the 10 cent promotional offers. They don't HAVE to offer you squat.
  • @Jaysin666 - Thank you for saying it so the rest of us don't have to.
  • Why can't we gift these apps? Or anything from the market for that matter. Google is certainly missing out on a lot of sales without a gift option.
  • man i love this ive gotten about 15 apps already
  • Mojitomo
  • LOL, yeah. I'll get right on that one. Good find.
  • Tells me this is not available in my country - United States. Hope there will be another offering for the USA today.
  • That was yesterday
  • Oh crap, have you seen this guy: ?
  • Seems legit
  • From the comments for the apps and the fact that the developers are different from the paid versions I would guess that there are some shenanigans going on here.
  • Looks like all the "apps" are a couple of kilobytes in size, the icons don't match some of the program names, and this guy is not the developer of these apps. Downloading any of these is likely to just be a good way to get some malware on your phone.
  • What? He has games from ten different developers. Need For Speed with the icon of The World of Goo? Assasin's Creed and Where's My Water with the icon of Cut the Rope? And look at comments, look at the permissions.
  • Did you check the permissions? All the apps want access to the sms/mms.
  • Thanks for the heads up, investigating.
  • From a Review "I installed this game thinking it was free and was the charged £5, It has basically subscribed me to a website that will probably charge me £5 a week or month" DO NOT DOWNLOAD FROM THERE.
  • Dice Palace is also 10cents
  • All 10 are up now on the market place
  • Not in my marketplace yet...
  • Just 9 are up for me.
  • Backstab HD not compatible with Bionic? Anyone else have that issue?
  • Yea, backstab HD doesn't show, and when I search for it nothing comes up. Evo 3D user here.
  • Backstab HD showed in my marketplace about 2 hours ago. It said that my device is not supported (Rooted EVO 3D running Senseless Rom). Then i searched again now not showing. my only guess is that Google removed it for being incompatible with EVERY device so far?
  • I was wondering how I bought it earlier and now it's showing as incompatible. I haven't tried it out yet on my Captivate.
  • Odd, I only have 9 apps showing, 3 of which have been 10¢ apps of the day before, so effectively 6 apps today - What gives?!
  • Brazil, Sim City: "This item cannot be installed in your device's country." Thanks for the list! I just downloaded a pirate copy of Sim City! Loving this game!
    Actually, I WANT to pay 10c for this game (and for Tetris), but there is always another option. Thanks, EA!
  • These comments sound like fodder for iOS fans. Far too much incompatible this and won't work that going on...
  • I don't know. I've been a little frustrated with this issue. I'm using a epic touch 4g (stock) and have had a few issues downloading apps. Certain apps by EA and both of the football apps this have been incompatible. I have a top of the line phone, there shouldn't be any problems with my device playingg any of the recent games in the market place.
  • That's my point, Android has a way to go to catch up to iOS regarding app compatibility/quality. If Apple could figure out live data apps i.e. widgets and would give people a bit more control of their devices I'd likely be using one.
  • It's not Android that's at fault, it's the developers. The only reason Apple doesn't have this issue is beacuse they only have 2 devices to support, and even then they're essentially the same. With Android google has given us the possibility of having different devices. If a developer is too lazy to properly develop their app then that's when we get problems like this.
  • I got ya. I didn't comprehend what you were saying earlier. Apple does have a huge advantage due to the old fragmentation issue. I almost went iPhone for a few reasons but one major one was I knew they would work with so many 3rd party accessories and I didn't have to worry bout fragmentation. Android phones are moving so fast that I'm afraid my top of the line phone will be outdated and not supported in less then a year. iPhone users don't have to worry about that. You've got a solid 2 years of guaranteed support and at least a Little support past that.
  • Backstab works on my Incredible 2. Awesome game but it kicks my butt right now. Its a 560 MB download so make sure you do it over wifi or it will take forever.
  • NFL 3D Live Wallpaper is not compatible with my HTC Desire HD? But I saw people with the same device leaving comments...apparently it works for them (! What gives?
  • Day 7 APPS here already!