Darker Sky is the Dark Sky revival you didn't expect

Bye, Sky
Bye, Sky (Image credit: Ara Wagoner / Android Central)

What you need to know

  • Apple shut down Dark Sky on Android at the start of August.
  • A developer has built a version of the app that does work, known as Darker Sky.
  • The app has most of the features of the regular Dark Sky app with the exception of paid features.

Dark Sky was a popular weather app that was purchased by Apple earlier this year. As a result, it no longer works on Android as of August 1, with fans having to find replacements. Now, one XDA community developer has re-created the Dark Sky experience — literally.

Dubbed Darker Sky, it's essentially the Dark Sky app itself back from the dead. It was built by reverse-engineering the Dark Sky APK and pairing with an iOS API key for the data. Everything works but "weather report submissions, weather notifications/alerts, and widgets."

The folks over at XDA Developers provide some additional context, noting:

Darker Sky was made by a prolific developer and reverse engineer who wishes to remain anonymous since this modification was done on shaky grounds. The developer in question is well-known by us for their work on reverse engineering other popular applications, but they decided a low-profile release was more appropriate this time around.

As this app is on shaky ground, it'll be a surprise if it lasts too long. Don't expect it to be submitted to the Google Play Store because for the same reasons. You can grab the apk from Telegram if you're interested in keeping the Dark Sky dream alive a bit longer.

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