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Right now, the Galaxy Z Fold 3 is $400 off for Cyber Monday. But even at $1,400, that's still more than most people are willing to pay. Thankfully, if you have an older phone to trade in — and are willing to switch carriers for the right deal — you can get the Z Fold 3 for the price of a regular smartphone.

The Cyber Monday Galaxy Z Fold 3 deals come from carriers, or from Samsung itself. Most are offering "enhanced" trade-in deals where an old phone can save you close to $1,000 off the Fold 3's list price. In exchange, you may need to upgrade your current line or add a new one, but it should still save you money in the long run.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 Render

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 (Verizon)

Save up to $1,600: Through Best Buy, Verizon is offering $400 off, up to $1,000 in trade-in credit for used phones, $200 in Verizon bill credits, and free Galaxy Buds 2 with the Z Fold 3. The biggest savings is for a new phone line; the max trade-in credit for an upgrade line is $440. Still, that comes to about $960 plus tax, minus the $200 bill rebate later. That's a pretty significant discount.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 Render

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 (AT&T)

Save $400–$1,200: Best Buy and AT&T are offering $300 off the Z Fold 3 with qualified activation, dropping it to $1,500. From there, you can get an extra $800 off by trading in almost any phone, including older models like the Pixel 3a, Galaxy S8, iPhone 6s, or OnePlus 5. Get cutting-edge tech for cheap thanks to the old phone sitting in your drawer, plus free Galaxy Buds 2.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 Render

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 (T-Mobile)

Save up to $1,050: T-Mobile is offering $500 off if you add a new line or account, or just over a grand off if you trade in an eligible device while adding a new line. T-Mobile's list of eligible trades is smaller than other carriers', but its deal without a trade-in is higher than the competition. Plus, again, you get those free Galaxy Buds 2.

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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 (Samsung)

$250 rebate + $900 credit + free Buds 2: Samsung is yet another option with a decent rebate and a major trade-in discount with the right device — which includes tablets and watches as well as phones. You can use this deal to get an Unlocked model or choose any of the major carriers, without having to add a new line for the rebate.

From $650 with trade-in at Samsung
Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 Render

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 (Unlocked)

Save up to $400 with no commitments: If you have no phones to trade in and don't want to mess with carrier deals and new lines, you can still get a few hundred dollars off the premium foldable by paying upfront.

Unless you're willing to switch carriers or pay more for a new phone line, Samsung is likely your best choice here. It'll give you a solid discount with a trade-in without any strings attached.

Otherwise, AT&T offers the best trade-in credit without needing to own another expensive flagship; T-Mobile offers the best discount without a trade-in (if you buy an expensive plan); and Verizon has great trade-in values, but mostly for premium iPhones or Samsung flagships.

It's easy to love the Galaxy Z Fold 3 once you get your hands on it. It has a gorgeous 7.6-inch display that rivals a small tablet when unfolded, the fastest CPU available paired with 12GB of RAM, and amazing multitasking software that takes full advantage of the double-screen design.

To give a peek behind the curtain at Android Central, several of our staff members use the Galaxy Z Fold 3 as their daily phone. One called it his "phone of the year", one said it was "finally giving smartphone fans what they want", and our reviewer went back to the Z Fold 3 after he finished with the Pixel 6 Pro.

They took advantage of Samsung's initial trade-in offer and got themselves this amazing foldable for a reasonable price. So far, I haven't heard any buyer's remorse from them.

If you can find the right Cyber Monday Galaxy Z Fold 3 deal, I'd say go for it. It's the best foldable phone available and will transform your smartphone experience.

Where will the best Cyber Monday Galaxy Z Fold 3 deals be?

If you're looking for a discount without a trade-in, Amazon and Best Buy have the best available deals, and they're both good sites to watch for new deals on Cyber Monday.

Otherwise, Samsung continues to be the best spot for a trade-in deal, Best Buy is facilitating good carrier deals, and you could always keep an eye on the carriers' own websites: AT&T, Verizon, or T-Mobile are your best bets.

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