Cyber Monday 4K monitor deals: $253 off USB-C, $670 off professional, & more

Benq Ew3280u Front Hero
Benq Ew3280u Front Hero

Upgrading to a new monitor is always exciting, and finding the best Cyber Monday 4K monitor sales will save you some money on these pricey screens. Whether you're looking to step things up for productivity work, push your console or PC to the next level of gaming, or just want something that looks great for general use, we've got all the best 4K monitor sales for Cyber Monday.

LG's 27-inch 4K display is ideal for general purpose work at home or the office. Its IPS panel provides wide viewing angles, it delivers 99% sRGB color gamut coverage, and VESA DisplayHDR 400 certification means plenty of brightness and contrast. Connect with USB-C for easy cable management, or hook up with HDMI or DisplayPort to take advantage of AMD FreeSync for smoother gaming.

There are plenty of 4K monitor options out there, and we're tracking the best deals, sales, and discounts no matter what size or budget you're sticking with. Scroll on for many more savings.

Today's best 4K monitor Cyber Monday deals

Best 4K Pro and Home Monitor Deals

4K monitors meant for professional work generally provide excellent color reproduction (necessary for photo and video editing) and some advanced features depending on usage. If you're shopping for something for general use at home, leaning toward some entertainment-focused features is always wide. Here are some of the best 4K monitor deals for those focused on specialized tasks or who just need a new high-res display for the family room.

Best 4K Gaming Monitor Deals

Looking to push your PC or console for some high-res 4K gaming? Monitors with appropriate specs are usually relatively expensive, but Cyber Monday is a great time to save money.

Best 4K Monitors Deals Under $500

Need a great 4K monitor and want to spend around or less than $500? Check out these Cyber Monday deals on quality displays that won't break the bank.

Getting the best 4K monitor deal for you

When shopping for a new 4K monitor, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, you want to be sure you actually need 4K; going with FHD or QHD can, in many cases, save you a significant amount of money. 4K is a big step up in terms of the resolution, but 1080p and 1440p are still great for casual use.

If you're focused on gaming, going with the lower resolutions generally means you're going to get better refresh rates and response times from lesser performance hardware. If you are going all-in on gaming, be sure your PC or console is going to be able to handle the extra load.

During Cyber Monday, try setting a budget and sticking to it. You'll be happier with your purchase if you manage not to overspend. It's tempting when you see a big-ticket item with a huge percentage saved, even when the item is still over your budget after deal pricing. In a lot of cases where a deal seems too good to be true, checking a website like CamelCamelCamel can let you know the price history of an item.

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