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Cyanogen teases CyanogenMod ROM on T-Mobile G2

We all know there has been quite a bit of drama in regards to the development ability of the recently launched T-Mobile G2. For those who didn't buy into everything and return their device (which is probably most of you), Cyanogen has teased all of us with a video of CyanogenMod loading up on a G2. While this device has yet to be rooted, and no talks of any type of release time frame for this uber-hacked method (Says Cyanogen: "Booted CM on my G2 in the most horrible way possible. ... Basically what I'm doing is temprooting and rebooting all of userspace with CM on the sdcard"), this is a glimmer of hope for all of you sitting at home with your device patiently hoping for it to come. Full video after the break. [via Cyanogen]

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  • You can't stop the root. {{-_-}}
  • Never tried Cyanogene... if we get a permanent I need to try ghis
  • My G2 is fast but that one was flying.
  • This is why carriers/manufacturers want to kill off the dev/mod community. Your statement says it all... If in 6 months you can just flash CM 6.x on your G2 and gain features/performance there would be no need for you to buy a new phone and enter into a new contract. Less hardware sales makes HTC/Moto/etc... dull boys. It also makes the carriers pretty pissed that you aren't re-upping your contract with a shiny new toy.
  • Then again the My Touch 3G has been out for a few decades now and T-Mobile is pushing an OTA Froyo update to it tomorrow.
  • But CM will also be that much faster on the new hardware and people will be lined up buy it.
  • cm never mind g2 get the evo 4g wimax and the hdmi working, you the are the best.
  • Semi-Related note: Does anyone else think the CM6 bootup animation is freaking awesome. I see it for longer on my Nexus One than it was on that G2, which should put an end to the 'ZOMG The Sky is falling! The Sky is falling, 800mhz is slooooow' here we have a hacked on ROM loading from the SD card still loading faster than a Stable public relase of a ROM of a 1Ghz Snapdragon.