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Cricket Wireless launches $70 unlimited plan, offers $100 bill credit to T-Mobile customers

Cricket Wireless store
Cricket Wireless store (Image credit: Android Central)

AT&T's no-contract subsidiary Cricket Wireless is launching a new plan on Sunday, April 17. It offers unlimited talk, text and data for one smartphone line for $70 a month.

In fact, Cricket says that plan goes down to just $65 a month with a $5 credit if customers use Auto Pay. The carrier is going after T-Mobile customers with this new offer:

T-Mobile charges at least $25 more each month for its Simple Choice Unlimited Plan for one smartphone line on a smaller 4G LTE network. Very Uncool. Plus if you join the Cricket Nation now, we'll give you a $100 bill credit when you switch from T-Mobile.

While you do get unlimited data with this new plan, Cricket will cap your LTE download speeds at 8Mbps and your 4G speeds to 4Mbps.

  • This is great, only $10 more than the older 20GB plan. Although, I believe you can get the MetroPCS unlimited everything plan for $60/mo, and that is unthrottled.
  • Ya but that's tmobile and this is att.. I'd rather have coverage and honestly why would you need more than 8down on a smartphone? Posted via the Android Central App
  • I guess you don't like to stream videos and shows?
  • 8 down is plenty for streaming HD video. Fact. People who complain about the capped speed are rooted and tethering. Another fact.
  • you don't have to be rooted to tether. fact
    you can do plenty of things that don't require tethering or root where a slower speed will affect you. fact
    500KByte/s (8mbps) is NOT enough to stream 1080p video from most services. fact
  • OK, I still disagree but the real fact is that this plan isn't for you. I have a family member on Cricket and she streams full HD all day every day. Zero issues or pixelation. Choices are good. People run speed tests and see blazing speeds. It makes them feel good. They feel 8 capped is hampering their potential somehow. Reality is that 8 down is plenty for a phone. But I'm wrong so cool I guess.
  • explain why this isn't for me. i'm not following.
  • You are saying it's too slow to stream 1080p. You are wrong. It's not for you because of this incorrect fact you are throwing out.
  • that is the most illogical rationalization i've ever heard. i never said I absolutely had to have 1080p. I was simply stating you are NEVER going to stream true, uncompressed 1080p video at 500KBps. it's a physical impossibility based on the bitrate of a 1080p uncompressed file.
  • OK carry on buzz lightyear.
  • All HD is compressed to an extent. You only need about 4 Mbps to stream good HD content. Posted via the app ~ GS7
  • You aren't wrong. Fast is fast, and 8 Mbps is plenty. I have Verizon, and was used to 65 Mbps. At my new place, I only get 6-9. I still stream to Chromecast through my hotspot with zero issues. Posted via the app ~ GS7
  • Not to mention that most of the time even on an unthrottled plan the speeds aren't much better
  • 8 mbps is 1 MB/s no? Posted via Galaxy S7 edge
  • I stand corrected...I need to grab some coffee...damn lmao :)
  • Why are you all over this comment section. It's not that serious Posted via Galaxy S7 edge
  • it's called a conversation...??
  • You are merely stating a opinion when you say that 8mbps is not enough to strea 1080p video from most services. When I had Cricket I was able to stream 1080p on MLBTV, Netflix and my local cable providers to app.
  • Not true! Source: I do it all the time Posted via the Android Central App
  • 8Mbps or 1MBps is just over 3.5GB per hour. You could stream a 7GB 2-hour movie with 8Mbps. 7GB would be a very good quality 1080p 2-hour movie. You'd have absolutely no trouble at all streaming a 720p video at 8Mbps.
  • I stream 1080 at those speeds sometimes, through hot spot and Chromecast. Works just fine. Posted via the app ~ GS7
  • I don't have any desire to stream 1080p to a phone. I don't believe Nextflix does 1080p as they throttle the data already. Tell me which media service pushes 1080p with no compression? Youtube and what else?
  • Lightyear, 8Mbps will stream any 1080p HD stream with no issues. FACT........ Posted via the Android Central App
  • (8mbps)=8000kb NOT 500kb
  • Cool breeze speaks the truth Posted via Techmology
  • Thank you for sharing the truth. The more you know...
  • According to plex. YouTube and Netflix might need less.
    So yes 8mbps might be enough for FHD but just barely. At least according to Plex.
    20 Mbps, 1080p
    12 Mbps, 1080p
    10 Mbps, 1080p
    8 Mbps, 1080p
    4 Mbps, 720p
    3 Mbps, 720p
    2 Mbps, 720p
    1.5 Mbps, 480p Posted via Galaxy S7 edge
  • HD is so two years ago, only 4K or gtfo now.
  • I do not root or tether, but use more than 8 GB as I use Netflix, Pandora and YouTube on my devices daily. That consumes more than 8GB. Plus T-Mobile does not count streaming services toward your data cap, and they have a 3 phone plan that runs $100 a month at 6GB per line. That is still cheaper than cricket.
  • I think you're confused. They're talking about speed, not data limit. They're talking about how fast the car can go, meanwhile you're talking about how big the car is. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Even though it is throttled 8mbps down is enough to stream High Definition movies from Netlix, Hulu, your local cable or dish companies tv app, youtube, etc.
  • if you call 480p HD, i guess you can say that....and possibly compressed 720p. But if you're watching a compressed video you're not watching it in FULL resolution, now are you?
  • From your sentence I'm assuming you've never used Cricket Wireless' service? 8mbps down you are able to watch full resolution movies on Netflix, Hulu, youtube, etc.... I've had their service before and used it. I was able to watch tons of full resolution HD movies on Netflix and watch MLBTV.Com for my baseball games.
  • can't say I have. i'm using the average bitrate for a local full-res HD video as my point of reference. so it sounds like they may be streaming compressed HD, rather than true full HD if you're able to stream THEIR full-res, I guess ;)
  • So thanks for your opinion over the fact that two posters have pointed out that they have used or know people that use the service that are able to watch full resolution 1080p HD shows and movies. BTW, your postings resemble John Legere.
  • throw yourself from the nearest bridge, please. don't ever compare me to that loose cannon piece of ****. my statements were explained many times and very much NOT based on opinion. if you can't read that's your problem.
  • Well try not to sound like John Legere and I won't call you that. Ok, John Legere? The fact that you are changing your stories around now are laughable.
  • OK, let's clear this up. Netflix 1080p caps at 5.5mbps, so 8mbps is fine. Most Android phones don't even do 1080p on Netflix, regardless of carrier, speed, or if on wifi. Netflix maintains a list of devices where they allow 1080p, and it is SMALL. You keep saying that only uncompressed video is full HD. I'm going to clue you in. Blu-ray is compressed. IMAX is compressed. Do you have any idea how large a truly uncompressed video file would be? At 1080p, with full color, it's just over 6 megabytes (48 megabits) per FRAME. At 24p, that's 144MB (1.1gb) per second. Not even Google Fiber can stream your definition of a Full HD movie. A two hour movie at that rate is over a teraBYTE in size! And that doesn't include audio, subtitles, or other data. That's just the image. A different aspect ratio would shrink the file, but not enough. So get over your "uncompressed" talk. You've never watched uncompressed video.
  • And where are you streaming uncompressed movies from?
  • His plex maybe? Does it matter? Posted via Galaxy S7 edge
  • Plex doesn't play uncompressed video. It either passes through compressed video, or transcodes (re-compresses) video on the fly. All digital video is compressed. No one here has ever seen true uncompressed digital video. The file size would be astronomical.
  • In my underground tunnel.
  • It runs 1080p Youtube vids just fine for me. If you're okay with getting 0.2mbps with T-Mobile in half or more of all areas you visit, that's fine and dandy. The rest of us actually like having mobile internet that's usuable.
  • I get 3.5MBps with tmo in EVERY area I travel to...soooo.... obviously YMMV, but speaking for me is just completely asinine since you don't know me in the slightest bit.
  • You only get 3.5mbps everywhere you go with T-Mobile and your going to sit on here and try to bash someone that is giving you capped speeds a 8mbps? Wow you really have failed with trying to prove something here.
  • I think he means 3.5 MB/s not 3.5 mbps.
    There's a HUGE difference Posted via Galaxy S7 edge
  • correct
  • For many people, T-Mobile is still wayyy too spotty. Believe me, I tried their plans a couple of times in the past. Their coverage has vastly improved, but they've still got a long way to go. There are were areas where I would easily clock 50mbps. Great. But there were also way too many areas where I was clocking sub-1mbps speeds. And it's not just me. Many people on the forums and on the reddit sub where T-Mobile employees tend to provide assistance have had to switch back to their evil AT&T and Verizon overlords after discovering either network congestion issues or simply nonexistent coverage. Don't get me wrong. I'm a big fan of what Legere's done for the industry. But at the end of the day, I need a data plan that actually works.
  • i live in a small city and have very little reason to travel outside my coverage area, so i get terrific speed and coverage everywhere I GO ;)
  • I do, and have plenty on Cricket with no issue.
  • Not on my phone. Posted via the Android Central App
  • because i like to use my phone, tab, tethering.
  • Exactly, Att is solid and so much better coverage than T-mobile in my area. Cricket was the best thing that happened to ATT IMO.
  • AT&T had this service before it was re-branded Cricket. They called it AIO. After they bought Cricket, they changed the name of AIO to Cricket.
  • Boost Mobile, $55 unlimited and unthrottled on a S7. I've had no problems with reception or service.
  • Has Boost Mobile's coverage improved? I understand Sprint (their parent company) upgraded to LTE. Did they finish transitioning from WiMax? A bit wary personally of their building penetration.
  • I use Project Fi and in my area, Phoenix, Sprint is terrible but it does have better building penetration than Tmobile.
  • Lol "building penetration" Posted via the Android Central App
  • Anyone know if you get a discount for adding additional lines with this plan? Like how much would it cost to do 4 lines all unlimited? Posted via the Android Central App
  • I think you get $60 off (10+20+30)
    Plus $20 off if you have auto pay on all 4 lines
    Making your bill total ($65 x 4) - $60 = $200 + tax
  • You can't use both group save and get the auto pay discount. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Yep, was hoping that was how it worked when I combined my plans. You either get the $10x off per line or $5 off each line individually. For 2 lines, it's the exact same price (10 off the second or 5 off both), but you end up saving more once you get to 3+ lines.
  • Thanks for the info
  • You can. But you only get the auto save once, since it is all one account. Posted via the app ~ GS7
  • Also where did you get this info? AC is the only people talking about this from what I can tell.. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Check their website
  • Lost me at: Cricket will cap your LTE download speeds at 8Mbps and your 4G speeds to 4Mbps.
  • 4g isn't's HSPA+, or as some refer to it, "faux-4g"
  • I get that... They lost me as a potential customer is what I meant.
    On T-Mo, I am averaging 22+ Mbps download in my area with peaks in the low 40's. No going back for me.
  • You won't see a difference between 8, and 20+. Fast is fast, past a certain point Posted via the app ~ GS7
  • I disagree. In addition, if I am paying for it, I want, more, more, more.... because, 'Murica!
  • i believe the difference would be 12. /s :)
    that's noticeable. perhaps not if 8mbps is enough for what you're trying to do, but it is absolutely noticeable for something that requires it when you're talking about doubling your speed.
  • When I was using AT&T last year latency (ping times) were considerably higher on HSPA+ as opposed to LTE.
  • I bought a phone that was EIP blocked by tmobile... wonder if it'll work on cricket?
  • You might be able to. Before you invest in buying a SIM card go to a corporate store and they usually allow you to put a SIM card that is activated with service in your phone to make sure your phone workable on their network.
  • No. The IMEI blacklist is shared by all US carriers. Best to unload it internationally as it may work outside of the US. Or aggressively pursue the dolt that sold it to you.
  • He could probably go to a third party vendor that specializes in fixing bad ESN/IMEI numbers. Tons of them coming out now.
  • that's not true. unless it's reported lost/stolen by the user it will only be blocked by the carrier who financed it. (at least in tmo's case...can't speak for others)
  • It will ONLY be blocked by tmo. I'm in the same exact boat, bud :) had to fall back on my N4 a few months ago because of some ********* who screwed me on a used N6
  • I bought a T-Mobile HTC One M8 from them. After paying off I called and they emailed me the unlock code. I'm planning on switching to Cricket because I can get 2.5 gig data monthly for $35 with NO taxes or fees. Staying on T-Mobile will cost me $45 plus taxes and fees about $48. Also T-Mobile will shutoff data after the 2.5 Gig. Cricket will throttle to 128k after 2.5 Gig.
  • tmo NEVER shuts you off completely. every single plan they offer has unlimited 2g after your LTE cap is reached. if you want tax-free tmobile, use callingmart to add money to your tmo account (use the rtr top-up option they offer for just adding money, not a refill card) tmo offers far better prices than what you mentioned. you need to shop their plans better.
  • Ebay has a ton of services "eip repair service" depending on what phone you have definitely shady changing or repairing eip but definitely works and they unlock the phone as part of the service and it'll still work on the network of the phone
  • have you used a specific seller you'd like to recommend? i need this, myself.
  • How well does cricket do with unlocked phones, like the Nexus 5x + 6p and the Moto X Pure? Anyone know? Carrier locked phones are no longer the business for me, at least when it comes to an Android phone.
  • Unlocked phones work on Cricket
  • I have an unlocked HTC M8 Google Play Edition and Cricket is awesome with it. With the same phone on T-Mobile there were places I should have roamed to AT&T but it wouldn't happen so I got no coverage (while my mom, with her ancient Nokia phone on AT&T was fine). With Cricket it's just not a problem. I never imagined AT&T would be so much better. Plus you don't have to deal with T-Mobile's horrible customer service.
  • I'm using my Nexus 5x with Cricket for awhile. Posted via the Android Central App with Nexus 5x
  • I'm on the 6P and had no issues buying a SIM from a Cricket store and activating it there.
  • I have a moto x pure edition and a moto g 2014 on cricket. Went to a local store bought two sims and popped them in. My only complaint is periodically it won't download MMS messages. When this happens I usually have to cycle airplane mode off and on and then they download. Other than that its been great. I tried T-mobile but unfortunately their service is pretty crappy here.
  • To fix the MMS issue with Cricket on your Moto X and Moto G you have to go to the APN settings and change the MMS proxy to one of these
    I typed the first one and it fixed the problem. After I typed the first numbers, then I hit saved and restarted my phone and it was fixed. Hope this helps you.
  • My 6p works great. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Cricket works great with my unlocked Asus Zenfone 2. Zero complaints. The only problem is that I use a lot of data because it is so fast everywhere. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Straight talk still is the best deal imo
  • Straight Talk doesn't even have any unlimited plans. Their highest data plan is 5gb. 5gb is nowhere close to "unlimited."
  • Straight Talk has 10GB plan for $55/month
    The plan is new. Check their website.
  • Can you elaborate a bit? I've been looking at both, but never used ST. But I don't want T-Mobile's or Sprint's towers, I want AT&T or Verizon's...
  • Get AT&T phone or unlocked GSM phone and you will be on AT&T
    Get Sprint or Verizon phone and you will be on VZN
  • So they never use Tmo or Sprint's towers?
  • The CDMA network uses Verizon's or Sprint's CDMA 1xRTT wireless networks and the GSM side makes use of either T-Mobile's or AT&T's GSM networks
  • Only if you want a TM sim Posted via the Android Central App
  • Straight Talk is the best deal if you need Verizon's coverage and don't care about being throttled to 5mbps download times or if you want to use AT&T's network without being throttled and only need 5 GB of data per month.
  • what happens after you use the the 8gb cap? is it like tmo where you get unlimited 2g or something?
  • ohhh...i misread that. i thought it was an 8gb data cap, not 8mbps speed cap. woops :)
  • The cap is fine really. I never had any problems streaming videos or music when I was with them for about a year before Fi. My only problem was with ATT. I live in a resort town in NW Florida and when network traffic on ATT is high, data is really horrible. I mean abysmal. But that was only a few weekends a year. Posted via the Android Central App
  • As long as I can still use group save, I'll definitely bump up to unlimited. Posted via the Android Central App
  • This is amazing!
  • Wish I wasn't under contract at sprint, it's time to leave. I would jump on this but with a sprint htc m9 I'm looking at 150 for the phone 100 for the cancellation fee + last month. Sucks I need something to throw on cricket.
  • I thought sprint nullified all contracts?
  • If you signed up with the lease program, I'm still sero P for 50 a month with taxes but data is bad, gps drops frequently and signal loss kills the battery.
  • GPS has nothing to do with carrier, it connects to government owned satellites. If GPS drops on sprint it will drop on any other carrier. Most likely a phone defect. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Leaving sero was hard but the increase in network quality with cricket was massive for me. On Sprint it was tough to use over a gig of data in a month, my forts month on cricket I used three. Posted via the Android Central App
  • I tested Cricket last year with Nexus 6
    Calls and data are OK.
    International text messages are limited to 38 countries
    I moved my line to T-Mobile $30/month plan (5 GB LTE data & 100 minutes)
  • Sure, but what about using voip and people who never have any communication whatsoever outside the US? that's only relying on data, and 500KByte/s is far more than enough for any voip.
  • Brother show us on the doll where this plan hurt you. It's not for you. Please use your Google Fiber speed cell data and bask in the crispy. This plan doesn't meet your serious technical requirements. The end.
  • 1 google fiber??? you mean fi, right?
    2 fi is EXTREMELY limited with data, so that is absolutely my last choice for any carrier right now are you talking about??? i never said any plan hurt got the wrong dude man!!
  • Nah. Meant Fiber. I'm being sarcastic since your requirements are above 8 down for a phone.
  • Not sure why he has requirements because he said above his T-Mobile only gives him 3.5mbps everywhere he goes. He obviously doesn't know that 8mbps is greater than 3.5mbps.
  • If you look closely he capitalized MB so it Megabytes not Megabits Posted via Galaxy S7 edge
  • Hopefully that is what he actually means.
  • yes. 1MB=8mb :D
  • I'm on Cricket, Metropcs, and Verizon..But I'm bout to let Cricket go bc I run through 10gb like water and then they slow you down to 3g..It takes my Instagram 5min to open 1 individual page on Cricket 3g..Surfing the web becomes super slow and I'm using a Nexus 5..Cricket is super wack, I'm sticking with Metropcs on my Nexus 5x..I can run a 100gb a month with no throttling for $60 a month... Posted via the Android Central App
  • How is Cricket wack? You just use a lot of data and need an unlimited plan - like the one you have with MetroPCS. If you think Cricket is wack for their data plans, look at what Cricket's parent company AT&T and the other big 3 carriers Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint charge you for data.
  • Cricket is wack..Matter a fact Cricket is super wack..Don't scream unlimited and then data cap anything you do as far as data or data speed..Then charge me $70 a month..Metropcs charges $60 a month for unlimited all around the board..Cricket was $60 for 10gb before this new plan..So who's the better choice, Metropcs IMO..Like i said I also have Verizon(IPhone 6plus,Galaxy s6 edge, and a Blackberry Z10)..I pay $228 a month with 28gb..I have Verizon bc so no matter which 1 of the these BS other companies I have( Cricket and Metropcs) can't get service while I'm riding the highway in these rural areas I past thru, I'm good on mobile service..So don't tell me about Major Carriers, I've had them all..I live in Houston,TX so I'm good.. Posted via the Android Central App
  • 4-8mbps? To quote Cricket themselves, "Very uncool." Posted via the Android Central App
  • So what's better? This or straight talk?
  • This by far Posted via the Android Central App
  • Easily ^ Posted via the Android Central App
  • Now they just need to free up tethering!
  • Same stuff in the Uk but 3 times cheaper. posted with nokia 3310
  • I think I'll keep my TMOB UNL for 80.00 no throttling.
  • I used to have the 2 lines unlimited for $100. If you use 10+ GB per each line there is no better plan. Too bad that promo ended. If you're only using about 15 GB combined then you can probably get one of the big 2 for about $105 after corporate discount. Posted via Galaxy S7 edge
  • You are one of the lucky people. Sucks to be one of us that aren't on one of Verizon, AT&T, Sprint's, or T-Mobile's grandfathered data plans. T-Mobile wants to charge $95 for unlimited data now.
  • hit 20gb two months in a row, then come back and tell me you didn't get throttled by tmo....i'll wait.
  • Been there done that. Many people have. The cap before throttling is 22 or 23 anyway and only if certain conditions. Posted via Galaxy S7 edge
  • ok..i'd say 20gb is a close enough estimate. I use mine so fast their system won't keep an accurate count in real time, so I've never known the exact cut-off point. I knew it was around 20gb somewhere, though kinda funny their top data-only package is 22gb, which is the same cap for the normal "unlimited" plan
  • Yeah that's literally all carriers though unless you're grandfathered. They all deprioritize you around 20 GB during peak hours in heavily congested areas if you're on their "unlimited" plans. Like myself the people who didn't throttled were obviously not heavily congested areas during peak hours. Posted via Galaxy S7 edge
  • Tmobile or AT&T? I'll take AT&T.
  • But will they throttle after a certain point? Posted via the app ~ GS7
  • I'm on their 20gb plan, but this is pretty tempting for only $10 more. I don't use all my 20gb, but there have been times I'm close. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Now if it was unlimited for 2 lines, that be a super deal.
  • Two lines would only cost you $125 Posted via the app ~ GS7
  • I know this is nitpicky, but wouldn't it be $130? The beauty is it would literally be $130. Not $130 plus taxes fees, Just a straight $130.
  • Nope, $125. It would be 140 - 10 for the second line - 5 for auto pay. Posted via the app ~ GS7
  • Unless they've changed it up for this unlimited plan, I don't think you get both the auto pay and multi-line discount, at least not for two lines.
  • It would be $130. No auto pay discount with group save.
  • Ive tried and used them all. Cricket is the best deal in wireless bar none if you need coverage in outlying areas.
  • I wonder if it will be capped at like 22GB like with the AT&T/DirecTV bundle plan. Even if that is so that's still great to get it without having to have DirecTV or Next. I have been using Cricket since last summer and it has been the same experience as AT&T I was on before. You can use any unlocked phone and even locked AT&T phones. The capped speeds don't bother me unless it's a really congested tower I'm on, but usually AT&T would be slow in that case as well. Moto X 2014 XT1095
    Nexus 7 2013
  • Sweet Jesus what a deal $10 more than my current 20gb for $55 for unlimited, done. Will upgrade plan on Sunday. Ian B
  • Heck yeah. Now I'm considering upgrading and signing up for Sling TV again. I'd hold off though to make sure it's not capped at 22GB. Doubt it's worth $10 more for an extra 2GB?
  • I only have the 10 gig but I will upgrade
  • Yes I been waiting and now it's over........
  • Nope. I pay 50.00 a month for unlimited for three lines and the fourth was free.. Plus Binge On.. I'm staying with Magenta..
  • Cricket speeds are never over 8 anyway. I've checked it tons of time myself. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Pretty happy here with Cricket. Covers three in my family for $90 per month. And on cross country road trips service is very reliable. I could never say the same with my old TMo $30/mo plan. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Sounds very tempting at&t is very strong in my area I use a at&t go phone on at&t network if I switched to cricket how big a speed difference it would make.
    I always here horror stories about cricket that's only reason I don't use them. Posted via the Android Central App on my ZTE Zmax 2
  • I left AT&T for cricket and didn't look back. Honestly, I don't notice a difference in speed. It does everything I need to do. The highest speed I ever got with cricket is 10mpbs.
  • The horror stories for cricket are before AT&T bought them out. Posted via the Android Central App
  • I'm on a T-Mobile promo plan where both my wife and I get unlimited for $100/mo ($114 after taxes and below the line fees). This deal by Cricket is nice for newer customers, but I'll stick with T-Mobile for now. Also, doors Cricket even allow tethering? Last I saw, it wasn't allowed.
  • They do allow it as an add on for $10/mo. However my unlocked Moto X let's me do it anyway as do some other unlocked phones I've used, however some do not. I'm not sure if they will allow it on this new plan though. Moto X 2014 XT1095
    Nexus 7 2013
  • They allow tethering on the $50 and $60 plan and it uses your data 5g 10gb respectively. Unfortunately they do not allow tethering on the new unlimited $70 plan. I already ordered my sim form Cricket. I'm really hoping I can still stream 1080p. I won't know till I pop that sim and see if I even get over 4mbps. I live in the bay area. Tired of having 1mps or less download and some areas without reception.
  • Forgot to mention I am on Tmobile now.
  • My 2 for $100 plan is still way better, swing and a miss.
    But a great option for those who can't use T-Mobile due to coverage
    For those that have good T-Mobile coverage metropcs offers a better deal on unlimited still at $60 with no speed limits Posted via the Android Central App