CREO has rolled out its first update to the Mark 1. The vendor unveiled the handset on April 13, promising to deliver monthly updates through which the phone "runs like new." This month's update is geared at making the camera more responsive, while introducing more functionality to the vendor's Sense and Echo software-based features. The update comes in at 15MB, and will be rolling out to all Mark 1 users today.

CREO Mark 1 Fuel

The camera has picked up a much-needed update that's aimed at making it faster. There's also a new photo editor that lets you lets you easily create and reuse filters. Selfie Flash, as the name indicates, lets you take selfies by turning up the screen brightness, effectively turning the screen as a flash unit when taking pictures from the front camera. Here's the breakdown of all the new features in this update:

  • Data Manager – Lets you save cellular data consumption by regulating data access. Informs the user of the size of the problem (how much background data is being used out of their total data consumption) and provides simple toggles to restrict unwanted apps from consuming background mobile data.
  • Enhance – A Light and Quick Photo-Editor that allows for quick and easy photo editing such as Crop, Transform and Adjust images in addition to setting Vignettes and applying various Filters.
  • Selfie Flash – Display lights up for a split second radiating a burst of light offering well-lit selfies using the front facing camera.
  • Sense – Enter Calculations and get real-time results, WhatsApp any contact directly with a simple Double Tap on the Home Button, add a Phone number to contacts, search for Apps directly on the Play Store
  • Echo – Free Echo Mode directs all calls to Echo without the involvement of the user, Smart triggers automatically turns on when the phone is on Silent Mode or when an upcoming meeting is detected on the user's calendar, Allows users to set different Welcome Messages for different contacts in the phone, now welcomes callers in all new 6 Indian languages – Hindi, Bengali, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu and Kannada.

We're testing out the new features in the update, and will share our findings in the Mark 1 review.