The DJI Osmo Mobile 2 handheld smartphone gimbal stabilizer is down to $114 at B&H. You can also find this sale at Adorama. The Osmo Mobile 2 normally sells for $140, like it is at Best Buy, and this is the first time we've seen it drop this low. The Osmo Mobile 2 has actually been discontinued by DJI because of the new Osmo Mobile 3. In this case, though, the 2nd-generation device is less expensive.


DJI Osmo 2 mobile handheld gimbal stabilizer

DJI discontinued this since it was replaced with the Osmo Mobile 3. But the 2 is less expensive and still great. The sensors and brushless motors ensure stability no matter what. Use features like motion time lapse, zoom control, panaroma, and more.

$114.00 $140.00 $26 off

If you want to use your smartphone to capture some really good video, the Osmo is the way to go. It can capture handheld footage without all the low quality and bad angles you're used to by just extending your arms. The Osmo Mobile 2 uses intelligent ActiveTrack AI and a lightweight design to create cinematic movement and help you capture moments. The built-in sensors and brushless motors help ensure stability no matter what you're doing. Sync with DJI's Go app and you'll be able to use features like motion timelapse, zoom control, panaroma, and more. The battery lasts for up to 15 hours, so it can accompany you on day trips that take you away from the connected world.

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The Mobile 2 is compatible with any smartphone up to 3.3 inches wide, including Android and iOS smartphones. That does mean modern, larger phones might not work with it, but if you've got an older phone still or know where there's one lying around, it can become your new favorite video capture device. DJI backs up the Osmo Mobile 2 with a one-year warranty and a six-month warranty for the battery.

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