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Cortana could be deeply integrated into the next version of Cyanogen OS

Cortana is already in Windows Phone 8.1, Windows 10, Windows 10 Mobile and even as a beta app in Android. Now there's word that Microsoft's digital assistant could be deeply integrated into the next version of Cyanogen OS.

Kirt McMaster, the co-founder and CEO of Cyanogen, said that his company is working with Microsoft to add Cortana in the Android-based Cyanogen OS. According to what he told the International Business Times:

"When Apple launched Apple Music at WWDC, they showed the Siri integration with Apple Music. Siri doesn't power Spotify like that so we can do these kind of things with for example, integration of Microsoft's Cortana into the OS enabling natural language to power Spotify and other services."

He added that the integration would not be offered in the form of an app, like the current Android beta:

"Natural language coupled with intelligence is very important but as an application it doesn't rally (sic) work because you need to be embedded into the framework of the OS because that is where you get all the signal from the services that makes that intelligence smarter."

Even with this apparent partnership between Cyanogen and Microsoft, McMaster still feels that Windows Phone has been a failure so far, saying, " ... people are not buying Windows phones, it's as simple as that."

Source: International Business Times

  • This is actually interesting... Wonder how that would work in the end though. I've used Cortana once or twice and haven't been impressed at all, not after having tried out Google Now or Siri.
  • Cortana is alot closer to Google Now on Windows. The Android client is crippled. I still think Google Now is a bit better though. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Funny thing? I haven't been able to get her to work on Windows! For some reason it sets up but never connects. And I hate the fact that should you want to use Cortana, you're FORCED to use your Microsoft Account to log into your computer. I want to keep my local password and my MS Account password as two separate things, Windows, thank you very much!
  • And yet you don't see that in order to use Google Now you need to be signed in with a Google Account... SMH... Posted via the Android Central App... Running on my Lumia 1520 with Windows 10 Mobile...
  • I don't mind having to use my Microsoft Account to use Cortana. I'll gladly do it! BUT I don't like having to use my Microsoft Account and password to log into my computer. On my phone I can decide if I want a pin, a password, a drawing, a picture of my (very handsome :P) face, a tap, a finger... and I log into my Google accounts (or MS one for Office stuff) entirely separate from the local login. That's what I don't like. If you use Cortana on a PC (don't know if it's the same on mobile, hope not), that forces you to use the MS account to log into your computer, not just the MS services.
  • I haven't tried Cortana on my home computer yet to see if there's a way around this.... but on my work PC and using domain account you still use your domain account to login for obvious reasons. With domain accounts your Microsoft account is only linked to your logged in account on that computer. This in my opinion is how local accounts should work too. I agree with you that MS is trying to force Microsoft accounts too much on you... You should have the option to use a local account while still retaining the functionality of the Microsoft account while logged in using that account. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Are you using windows 10? I saw the other day that I don't need to use password. You can setup a local PC login separate from your online password. I did not see that on windows 8.1 Posted via the Android Central App
  • You can in both. Even on Windows 7 IIRC. Problem is that once you switch to a local account, Cortana stops working and kindly reminds you that to use the assistant you need to log in with your MS account and use that for your computer. No options. Posted via the Android Central App
  • I was going to bring up the Local account option, as I know some MS apps require you to log in to your Microsoft account for the app, but still separate from your PC account. Now that I know it will bit work like that, and require a MS account log in for Windows, I'll pass. From my Galaxy S6
  • Cortana learns so it is naturally promising. It means that interaction in certain apps is heightened. That's always good. Posted via the Android Central App
  • This company is such horse shit. They get android for free from Google and they try to fuck over google as much as possible. Just like amazon
  • Relax. People who supported CM will leave when they see Microsoft worming its way through the OS.
  • I doubt that. And even if many do leave the platform, CM is only gonna grow these next few years. Obviously one of the end goals for MS and CM is to have more OEM's use their software and that's going to happen at some point.
  • @9ersfan: I doubt it, but it depends on what the public wants. Does the public want possibly buggy software from Cyanogen and Microsoft, or are they going to want Google's already proven ecosystem that gets better and better each time. Posted via the GS6 Active, aka GS6 M.E. (Manly Edition)
  • Lol.. Buggy software from Microsoft. That's pretty funny. I have used WP and Android. Android takes the cake on being buggy hands down. So much so, that I'm looking forward to an iPhone. I liked the smoothness of WP, unfortunately it's all about the apps nowadays and WP no have many. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Microsoft's software is anything but buggy, and CM's official releases are more stable and secure than stock Android. Just a little FYI. As far as ecosystem is concerned, that's gonna be the interesting thing to watch.
  • Did you really say stable? Android? With the horrible memory leak with 5.0? Posted via the Android Central App
  • Truth. Lol. By the time Google finally makes a build stable, they are on to a new version. (4.4.4 ->5.0, 5.1.1->6.0). Which actually makes sense, but... It's annoying waiting and hoping carriers finally push the stable builds. Posted via the Android Central App
  • I guess it only gets evil when they start telling OEMs that they need to pay them for Google Android, but not for MS Android. Oh, and it's kind of nasty that the main selling point for Cortana on Android is that it's baked in to the IS that you're still forced to buy on your new PC. Microsoft wants nothing more than to be able to go back to cloning other's stuff and 'succeeding' based on monopoly tie in.
  • Look how well Amazon has done without the Play Store. The moment Cyanogen cuts off Play Store support they are done.
  • It is like they get any to really work right unless it is specifically made for a device. Cm is a great thought with poor execution Check out the new Nexus!, not a Rick roll
  • I don't think you understand what Open Source means.
  • While I don't share your indignation, I believe firmly in open source software being open and free for any use, I do agree that this is bullshit. What's the point of ripping out all of Google's services, only to replace them with those of another equally "evil" mega-corp? Oh, right. Money. Cyanogen has, in my opinion, lost its way. Wubba lubba dub dub!
  • Equally evil greedy? That seems of your opinion and maybe some others, but I don't see too many other companies trying to offer high speed internet services for reasonable cost, trying to overcome the hold that Verizon and AT&T have on us in the US, or trying to challenge the behemoths out there like the cable companies who want to charge an arm and a leg for everything. I do believe Google is about making profit but they seem to want to give deals to the general public and it's not all money first and nothing else. Microsoft is about money evil and money in that order. I honestly believe that if Google was not in existence Microsoft, Apple, any cable or search company, would stay stagnant while services just kept getting more and more expensive while offering you nothing really in return. Kind of like how the US keeps saying they want to become less dependent on oil while at the same time making it harder and passing laws so that you can't get free from oil. Making it harder for places to use solar panels and alternative fuels. Making it illegal for people to put flex fuel kits in their cars professionally. I digress but that's how most other companies are. And to me Google is a star in the behemoths out there doing something different than being only concerned about greed and getting over on the public. Imagine if Apple didn't have any competition. You'd be lucky to have a video camera on the iPhone by now. I'm being (slightly) extreme but I guarantee you the iPhone would not be as advanced if it didn't have competition. I say all this because you say replacing it with another evil equal. I completely disagree. Although that's just my opinion like yours. But to me it's like comparing lemons to steak in the tech world at least for the general public is better because Google is an existence. Of course we would have advancements in technology but all that technology would be used to squeeze out whatever dimes and nickels you have in your pockets and not for advancing mankind if it were just Microsoft, Apple and the like. Posted via the GS6 Active, aka GS6 M.E. (Manly Edition)
  • Well, just to be sure, you do realise that you're reinforcing my point, not countering it, yes? My opinion is that Google does what's best for Google. I also prefer them to Microsoft as you obviously do, but aside from the fact I'm not a US citizen so much of your comment doesn't really directly apply to me, do you honestly think Google does these things out of altruism? They do them because they're good for business. Also, I did put "evil" in quotation marks for a reason... Wubba lubba dub dub!
  • There is still a difference between Google and Microsor/Apple. Google gives patent use away for free and never litigates. Not seeing how that is doing Google any good.
  • You do know that Google's main source of revenue is advertising by far right? $59 billion in advertising revenues last year alone that accounted for 89% of their total revenue and well over 90% in profits. Their focus has always been getting as many people using their services as possible in order to increase their main source of revenue.
  • Look at all of Google's services on Windows Phone. Google is definitely trying to help those users out /s. Google may do some good stuff for people but I don't think they are a good company. I trust Microsoft more than Google (believe me, if my carrier didn't lock down my phone so much I'd be running Cyanogenmod). I don't particularly like either company, and wish desktop Linux was more popular, but in a bid for the lesser of two evils... Posted via the Android Central App
  • But they are actually offering something unique. Which is always good for business. You don't have to like it but they are at least attempting to make good business decisions. You don't see any other Android OEM/skin deeply integrating Cortana, do you? Posted via the Android Central App
  • Microsoft only fucks Google over because Google fucks Microsoft over WAY worse. Posted via the Android Central App
  • ^this right here. Honestly Google right now is no different than the Microsoft of the '90s and early '00s. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Cyanogen = Android with Microsoft Well, it seems that way, but I do actually like Cortana
  • Microdroid, Androisoft, droidsoft, softdroid....? Posted via the Android Central App
  • I like all of those, but probably microdroid and droidsoft the best.
  • "McMaster still feels that Windows Phone has been a failure so far" So does Microsoft lol
    And Cortana embed into Cyanogen might well be the future of Microsoft's mobile ambitions. Completely forget about Windows Phone, jump to Android and simply work with someone like Cyanogen to bake their services into their ROM.
    And I personally would be completely fine with that. They would, however, need to find a way to still keep GooglePlay Services though. Otherwise it might just be Windows Phone 11.
  • Considering they are basically merging Windows Mobile and Desktop (and Xbox) Windows Mobile isn't going anywhere. They are actually at the beginning of the best thing that could happen to Windows Mobile/Phone. I'm not saying it will sell like hot cakes, but its the best chance its ever had, once all the compatibility is implemented. Posted via the Android Central App
  • I agree. But BJCBS also has a good point: MS is not focusing all its efforts onto Windows (for better or worse). It's been building up cross-device, cross-company relations. And that might be a good thing. They bought Nokia, but still plan to make Android phones. They got a deal with Samsung to include MS Apps onto their Android phones. They've partnered with Apple to better integrate MS Office into the iPad, and that was even more evident when they launched the iPad Pro and the Pencil thingy (And I'm preeeetty sure there's gotta be some patent sharing thing because that iPad keyboard looks an awful lot like the Surface's). As far as Windows' demise goes... we shall wait and see.
  • The Nokia left making Android devices isn't part of Microsoft. Microsoft isn't making Android devices. Microsoft essentially bought the Lumia brand and all the software and hardware technology that goes with it. Windows demise? Lol. You must mean mobile/phone cause no one is even remotely close to challenging Windows. Posted via the Android Central App
  • And Microsoft owns that part of Nokia. They very well could have said: No Androids, just Windows Lumias. And yes, I was referring to Windows fate on mobile...BUT there's no denying that even Windows on PC has lost ground. I agree, even MacOS is nowhere near as ubiquitous, but it's definitely gotten a huge chunk of the PC/Laptop cake.
  • Microsoft owns NOTHING of Nokia, I should clarify. What Nokia sold to Microsoft was the infrastructure that manufactured and distributed phones (aka the Devices & Services Division). Microsoft did NOT get ANY of the Nokia mobile patents nor the R&D Teams. Those remain in Nokia's hands under the Nokia Technologies . That's the division that will be in charge of future Nokia Android smartphones.
  • So what's the deal with Pureview? Is that a temporary lease just like the Lumia branding? Posted via the Android Central App
  • Windows Phone 10 (or Mobile or whatever you call it) is NOT Windows 10. It's very important that people understand that. They will share the Windows Store between them but they are different OSs.
    Microsoft's hope is that, with the Universal Apps system, they can leverage the power of Windows to bring developers in and indirectly fill the Windows Phone store. The problem is, the apps that Microsoft lacks on mobile are MOBILE APPS, designed with smartphones in mind and nothing else. For example, Instagram and SnapChat have zero reasons to create a Universal app. Because those services are not designed to be used on Windows or the Xbox. And, therefore, you'll still be looking at Windows Phone's marketshare: 2.5%. Windows Phone 10 (aka Windows 10 Mobile) is the last breath before death. It will not sell because people have made it clear enough that they don't want a Windows phone. Even "Continuum" will not really save them because not only it will need a special connector to wire the phone to the PC, your phone will still not be powerful enough to make that feature useful if really want a bigger screen. Continuum would work nicely if Microsoft did something in the likes of the Asus PadFone. There it would make total sense. You have a phone that you can transform into a Windows tablet. But that's it. And it will still not do anything for the platform because the same app problem remains.
  • I would like to clarify, all of these services are in fact the same OS. Microsoft has said as much. That is the reason continuum works. The only other company trying this is Canonical,and it has the same big feature, hook an Ubuntu phone up to a monitor, keyboard, and mouse, and you get a full desktop Ubuntu setup. The only difference between mobile and desktop is the architecture being used. Phones will use the Arm architecture, which means legacy .exe applications will not work. Posted via the Android Central App
  • OMG!
    Someone give me a list of all current and future phones with AMOLED screens running Cyanogen!
    Replacing Google Now with Cortana would be a dream come true!
  • You should do it. It shouldn't be that hard. Cyanogen doesn't come stock on too many phones. I only know of OnePlus and MicroMax. I know OnePlus is not Amoled and pretty sure MicroMax isn't either.
  • Oppo does. Though one plus does not anymore. It uses Oxygen now. Unfortunately I believe this only applies to Cyanogen OS and not Cyanogenmod. Posted via the Android Central App
  • And so it begins.
  • Should had seen this coming when MS became an investor. Posted via the Android Central App
  • As it is, the CyanogenOS browser uses the Bing search engine by default. No surprises here.
  • Will be interesting to see what they can do. All this is good news for the consumer in my opinion Google has been a little bit to relaxed hopefully this will make them step up their game. More successful operating systems on a mobile phones. Usually will mean more innovation to get the consumers to use their ( Google,CM, windows , ios) operating system. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Steve Kondik. Funny guy there. Had a good idea and either couldn't, or wouldn't, find people to support it properly. Cm at its face is a good idea. The execution is poor. He couldn't cut it at a leader in the industry, Samsung, so he went crawling back to cm only to push it out on low end devices (he even managed to fail at that with the help of the 1-) and now he goes with hitching his cart to MS. He cannot even get failing upwards right Check out the new Nexus!, not a Rick roll
  • Cyanogen just couldn't resist the the Microsoft money being thrown at them. Lol. Posted via the Android Central App
  • It's not like Cortana is going to hurt or ruin them. It's a great feature and unique to Android. Seems like a win-win for them. It's only a matter of time before this partnership is publically destroyed... Lol Posted via the Android Central App
  • I would love it on my oneplus one Posted via Android Central App on 1+1
  • Anything would be better on that piece of shit phone. He'll amazon fire os would be better Check out the new Nexus!, not a Rick roll
  • Hell, an OS from a Chinese knockoff purchased at a hood convenience store would be better. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Have you used one? Posted via the Android Central App
  • I don't have to get shot to know the experience sucks. I learn from others mistakes. Furthermore, when the first words out of a companies mouth is a lie, you tend to want to stay away Check out the new Nexus!, not a Rick roll
  • Still better than the OnePlus Two. *SHOTS FIRED*
  • Google play services is what kills always the battery of my phones besides the screen on. Microsoft is already working on bring a G.P.S. equivalent to the ported android apps on Windows 10 Mobile. I don't see why they can't bring the same to Cyanogen OS in the future. Android is so attached to Google and that's is dangerous. If you don't like MS don't worry, Google love your data for Ads. MS use it anyway but their business aren't the ads. Microsoft is going from Windows centric to Office+Services centric, and love that.
  • Google will use your data for ads but Microsoft has a history of passing on your data to data collection agencies and the NSA which is much more troublesome.
  • Which company isn't? and even If they don't the NSA is getting the data anyway... I will be mad at the government not the companies.
  • You mean the PRISM thing? You know Google did that too right? Posted via the Android Central App
  • Yes advertising on bing is free... Check out the new Nexus!, not a Rick roll
  • The only reason why Bing exists is because there is no other competitor to google out there. But if MS shuts down Bing, it doesn't matter it will keep been MS. But what about Google?
  • Sure shut down search, they will keep being an ad company Check out the new Nexus!, not a Rick roll
  • Oh and your theory that big is the only competition, put the crack pipe down Check out the new Nexus!, not a Rick roll
  • It is the biggest competitor, but that's like saying OSX is the biggest competition in desktop. Both have their uses. Google search is more powerful and accurate I've found, but I feel like Bing is more trustworthy. Probably isn't but still. Of course there is always ixquick. Posted via the Android Central App
  • If this is true it only serves to make me turn away from cyanogen mod because of Microsoft's history of privacy invasion ex. Windows 10, xbox one; and a long history of software that simply doesn't perform well.
  • Couldn't agree more. I have passed off windows for good. I only use office/outlook at work, because I'm forced to. Drive, sheets and docs works well for my personal stuff. I do not want it in my Android, so I will change the channel and never install CM on my devices if it has it.
  • You still expect privacy from an Internet connected device? That's cute. Posted via the Android Central App
  • ... And you use an android...
    Smdh. I recommend you ask Richard Stallman how he uses computers, what OS he runs, what phone he uses. That is the only way to avoid being tracked. For the record though, Google earns most of their money through selling your data, Microsoft does not, and doesn't even come near Google's track record. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Hmm, would you buy a Lumia 950 or 950XL that was running Cyanogen OS? Interesting idea. Posted via the Android Central App
  • The only thing really unique about Lumia devices is the OS and camera. You're talking about removing 50% of that. Lol. Plenty of good Android devices with similar camera quality and probably more advanced hardware. I typically like Lumia's, but... They have pretty good build quality too. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Ermagerd! Mercrasuft is destroying Cyanogern! The sky is falling! Posted via the Android Central App
  • Give it up cyanogen.. You're irrelevant and nobody cares about you. You should have stuck to your core and made quality roms..
  • Fuck CM. They have become arrogant. Paranoid Android is better anyways. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Screw Microsoft and CM. I hate both companies and would stay clear of them both. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Microsoft supporting open source!? Whatever next... Posted via the Android Central App
  • They have been for over a year now. THE .NET framework is open source now too, meaning Linux users no longer have to rely on mono for WINE to work. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Well that's cool and interesting but Cyanogenmod sucks to begin with Posted via the Android Central App