While we don't have robot butlers quite yet, there are still plenty of handy helpers available to make our daily routines just a little bit easier. Take the newly-released ILIFE A9 Robot Vacuum, for instance. It'll help you with your chores with just a few taps on your phone or a couple of spoken words. Today you can get it at its best price ever by clipping the on-page coupon to drop the cost by $50 at Amazon.


ILIFE A9 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Today's deal is the best we've seen for this newly-released product. The vacuum automatically maps and navigates your home to keep it clean, and you can control it using a free app or your voice and a smart home assistant.

$229.99 $279.99 $50 off

The ILIFE A9 automatically maps and navigates your home to clean it efficiently, with no repeated passes or missed spots. The CyclonePower cleaning system gives the filter a longer lifespan and makes it easier to empty the dustbin as well. The vacuum won't get tripped up on carpet, stairs, or other obstacles, and once the battery gets low the A9 will head back home to charge up on its dock before automatically starting back up again to finish the routine.

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Your purchase also includes an Electrowall device that tells your new vacuum to stay away from certain areas, like the kitchen where your pets are eating or the toyroom where there are miniature plastic pieces all over the place. You can set schedules and start cleaning routines using the free app, or with an Alexa-enabled device. If you don't have an Echo Dot around yet, you can save $20 when you buy two. Consider putting your $50 in savings towards two smart speakers and raising your home's IQ by a ton all at once. This is just one of the great robot vacuums on the market, so check the rest of our favorites out if you're interested.

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