Save money and eventually time with Amazon's Gold Box deal today. This sale takes up to 47% off Coredy robot vacuum cleaners, which means you're getting the best possible price on a huge selection of robot vacuums. The great thing about a sale like this is you're likely to find one in your price range since some of the robot vacuums go for less than $100. And if you want more features, you can up your budget to the $320 version. Either way, you are saving money because none of these options are going for their regular prices.

Suck it up

Coredy robot vacuum cleaners with smart features

Vary in price between $96 and $320. You get smart features like voice control, mapping and advanced navigation technology, powerful suction, filters for pets, and more. They're even smart enough to recharge themselves when batteries run low.

Up to 47% off

The least expensive Coredy R300 robot vacuum cleaner is going for $95.93 today. That's $63 off its regular price and the lowest we have ever seen. This even beats out last year's holiday shopping season where the vacuum dropped to $99. This is a great "daily clean" robot vacuum for getting up those crumbs and dust and dirt that accumulate from the normal wear and tear of moving about your day. It's also easy to schedule and customize and has filters for your pets. It works on both hard wood and carpet, and you can use it to mop as well.

The most advanced robot vacuum available in this sale is the Coredy G800 robot vacuum cleaner that's on sale for $319.99. The G800 has never gone on sale before, at least not directly on Amazon, and it usually sells for $400.

The G800 offers some more advanced features, including the ability to work with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant for voice commands. It also has intelligent navigation that saves maps, records floor paths, and has a real-time monitor. It returns to its dock when the battery is running low, and it will continue the job where it left it. The G800 also supports a wet-dry mopping function and can cover multiple surfaces from carpet to hardwood floors.

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