Save $150 on this Lenovo Chromebook and enjoy all of the new Chromebook Plus features

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If there's one thing that Prime Day is good for, it's finding a great deal on an incredible Chromebook. We've rounded up some of the best Prime Day deals so far, but the Slim 3i Chromebook from Lenovo is at the top of the list. Normally priced at $549, both Lenovo and Walmart have marked this Chromebook down to just $399.

Lenovo Slim 3i Chromebook: $549.99$399.99 at Lenovo

Lenovo Slim 3i Chromebook: $549.99 $399.99 at Lenovo

The Lenovo Slim 3i might not be the most powerful Chromebook, but this deal is just too good to pass up. Plus, you'll get all of the new Chromebook Plus features, without paying extra.

Price check: Walmart - $399.99

There are a few reasons why we're big fans of the Slim 3i Chromebook compared to some of the others that are on sale. For one, the combination of an Intel chip paired with 8GB of RAM and a rugged design is enough to keep it in consideration. This version specifically was also released earlier this year, meaning that it will get ChromeOS updates until at least 2033

But the other big reason why I would recommend grabbing the Slim 3i Chromebook is because of Google's recent Chromebook Plus announcement. Essentially, Google set a list of minimum requirements needed for certain Chromebooks to receive unique features and updates that you won't find elsewhere.

These include things such as having a 1080p webcam to go along with the new controls while you're in video calls. You'll also be able to enjoy Magic Eraser in the Google Photos app, and you can use the web version of Adobe's Photoshop app, complete with generative AI features.

Lenovo even went so far as to release a new version, dubbed the Slim 3i Chromebook Plus. The two major differences are that the new iteration will have the Chromebook Plus branding on the lid, and there's a $150 difference in price. So it should come as little surprise as to why we'd recommend the non-Plus version of the Slim 3i. 

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