Latest ChromeOS flag points toward a new Diagnostic tool and Restart button

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What you need to know

  • A Chromium Gerrit commit shows a new diagnostic tool is coming for the ChromeOS app.
  • The new tool will allow users to diagnose issues with their touchscreen or touchpad.
  • Another finding shows that a restart button is coming for Chromebooks, giving users a much-needed option other than shutting down entirely.

The ChromeOS Diagnostic tool appears to have a new testing suite in store as well as Chromebooks earning a restart button.

According to Chrome Unboxed, their latest surf through the Chromium Gerrit seems to have uncovered a new testing ground laid out for a Chromebook’s touchscreen. The commits appear to reference providing users with a chance to diagnose issues with the touchscreen through the ChromeOS Diagnostic app.

Diagnosing your Chromebook with the app is simple as the program provides the important pieces of information directly to you. As it is right now, users can diagnose their laptop’s battery, test its CPU, or run a memory test. These tests can offer multiple different pieces of information which provide users which vital information about their tech’s health.

The findings don’t stop there as Chrome Unboxed found a mention of touchpads. What was found is what looks to be an interactive tool to diagnose issues with a touchpad potentially requiring as many as five fingers to be used in a swiping motion across it. These inputs are typically a good thing as it helps to determine what the issue is which could range from input lag, failing to pick up your inputs, or if it’s a multi-touch issue.

Chromebook owners may have something to celebrate as a recent commit shows the possibility of a restart button coming. It may seem a bit odd that most of the best Chromebooks come without a restart option as the menu only offers power off, sign out, and lock. The find was captured through a tweet by C2 Productions on Twitter (via Chrome Unboxed).

Do keep in mind that this was spotted through a “Quick Settings Revamp Flag.” Clicking the power button through the laptop’s menu is shown offering the added option of restarting which has previously been non-existent. Chromebook owners can attest to the pain of having always to wait for their laptop to shut down before turning it back on whenever a restart was required. An option like this will surely alleviate some of that stress.

The restart button has not made its way to stable builds of ChromeOS to the public as of yet.

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