Google introduces the ChromeOS Beta Tester Hub to the general public

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What you need to know

  • Google introduces the ChromeOS Beta Hub to the general public.
  • Users can hop in, even if it's briefly, to check out some of the newest features coming for ChromeOS devices.
  • Those who have signed up to become Gold+ Product Experts will find additional perks  such as seeing features earlier on in development.

Google has introduced a new way for ChromeOS beta testers to experiment with new content and engage with the developers directly.

According to Google's beta tester community post, the company has introduced the ChromeOS Beta Tester Hub. With this new home, all users can interact and experiment with ChromeOS beta features whether or not they're in the beta program. This opens the door for curious minds to pop their head in for a moment just to see what's on the horizon.

Since the ChromeOS Beta Tester Hub is open to the general public, Google hopes this will encourage users to share their feedback with the development team behind the creations. Users in the beta community will have frequent opportunities to meet with the ChromeOS Product team to learn about features they are working on.

The hub will also update with details about beta features available for testing after each beta milestone release.

Google has also added a specific section only for Gold+ Product Experts so they can hear about features that are in the very early stages of development.

If checking out some of the latest ChromeOS features to come to the best Chromebooks piques your interest, you can sign up for the Beta Tester Hub today.

Also, the quicker you do so, the quicker you can get in on some Google merch. The company is offering some swagalicious items to the first 500 users to sign up, become a Product Expert, and download the latest beta version. Google will offer some details about the merch if you are in the first 500. If you are already a ChromeOS Beta PE, Google will reach out to you separately about the items.

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