Chrome for Android to finally get a 64-bit variant and much better performance

Chrome for Android
Chrome for Android (Image credit: Android Central)

What you need to know

  • Google is finally making Chrome for Android 64-bit.
  • The current Dev and Canary builds for Chrome 85 and 86 are both 64-bit apps.
  • The upgrade is exclusive to Android 10 at the moment.

In line with its guidance for Android developers to make 64-bit versions of their apps available for 64-bit devices — and the gradual phase-out of 32-bit apps on such devices — Google has now upgraded its browser to embrace the 64-bit architecture. The change should bring with it significant performance and security improvements.

As Android Police reports, while the current stable and beta build for Chrome on Android (corresponding to Chome 83 and 84) are decidedly 32-bit apps, the Dev and Canary builds (Chrome 85 and 86, respectively) now sport the 64-bit architecture.

Some Chrome Beta (version 84) users also report having the 64-bit variant; thus it seems like Google may be running A/B tests for the 64-bit upgrade on Chrome 84 as well.

According to AP's testing, the new apps offer much better performance than the current app. Unfortunately, however, the 64-bit upgrade for Chrome is currently only available for phones on Android 10.

That's likely to change soon, though, as the aforementioned guidance from Google requires developers to make 64-bit apps available for all eligible phones by August 2021. Having started the upgrade process already, Google will presumably add support for older versions of Android much sooner than that deadline next year.

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