Chrome 92 rolls out with improved Chrome Actions, better privacy controls

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What you need to know

  • Google has released Chrome 92 to the stable channel for desktop and Android.
  • The update primarily focuses on privacy and keeping your information secure.
  • Chrome Actions are now available so you can run commands from the address bar.

Google is releasing Chrome 92 today for Android, Windows, Mac, and Chrome OS. In Chrome 92, there are a lot of new features surrounding your security and privacy.

The first new feature is the ability to easily check the granted permissions for each website you visit. Occasionally, you might see a pop-up notification requesting access to things like your location, microphone, and camera. With Chrome 92, you'll be able to quickly check to see what a website has permissions for, allowing you to toggle access with ease. Google will also be adding a new option to delete a specific site's browsing history from this drop-down menu.

Chrome M92 Site Settingsclear Site Blog Asset V

Source: Google (Image credit: Source: Google)

Late last year, Google introduced Chrome Actions, which is a way to type and perform a command from your address bar. This was rolled out with version 87 of Chrome but is being expanded upon in Chrome 92.

With the latest release, you'll be able to do things like "run safety check," press enter, and you'll be taken right to the Safety Check section within Chrome. Google is also adding other commands and states that it has "seen people use Chrome Actions millions of times."

Chrome Actions Run Safety Check Chrome

Source: Google (Image credit: Source: Google)

To keep with the trend of security, Site Isolation is being expanded, which is a feature that aims to protect you from malicious websites. But instead of only being protected from a select number of sites, this feature has been expanded, covering more of the web, including Chrome extensions.

With phishing attacks at an all-time high, Google is vastly improving its phishing protection with Chrome 92. Before, Google's built-in detection might take a bit longer to load, depending on the images found on a webpage. But along with changes to how Chrome handles image processing, Google states that "phishing detection is now 50 times faster and drains less battery".

Google is beginning the rollout of Chrome 92 starting today, and it will make its way to the best Android phones, best Chromebooks, and all of your other devices in the "upcoming weeks."

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