Chrome 90 launches with custom window titles, powered up PDFs, and more

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What you need to know

  • Google today shared more details about Chrome 90.
  • It's bringing in a more helpful iteration of the browser, with enhanced PDF support, custom window titles, and more.
  • Chrome 90 is available for most desktop platforms today.

Google this week started rolling out Chrome 90 to desktop and mobile users. The new update comes with a lot of back-end updates with improvements to video conferencing and security.

Google today shared the consumer-facing side of things, and there isn't a whole lot that's new. As per Google, here's users should expect with this week's update:

  • Text Highlighting: Google is now letting you share more precise information on a web page with its new "link to highlight" feature. You can now share a URL with highlighted text to anyone who's using Chrome, allowing them to see the precise part of the web page you want to see.
  • Enhanced PDF support: Google now supports " document properties, two-page view and an updated top toolbar, which puts the most important PDF actions (zoom, jump to page, save, print and more) within a single click" when viewing PDFs on Chrome, making Adobe even more unnecessary than it already is.
  • Custom window titles: You can now give a Chrome window a dedicated name as part of Google's continued drive to make tabs and browser windows more discoverable.

Google also highlighted Chrome's increased speed as well as support for notification muting during presentations, though those features arrived in March and January respectively. In the future, Google says it'll freeze tabs when inactive. The feature is rolling out now, implying a release in Chrome 91 around May. With Google I/O in May as well, we may get a better look at Chrome's roadmap at that time.

Chrome 90 is rolling out for Windows, macOS, and Linux. Chromebook owners should expect an equivalent update next week.

Michael Allison