Check who came to visit with Eufy's 1080p video doorbell on sale for $70

Eufy 1080p Video Doorbell
Eufy 1080p Video Doorbell (Image credit: Amazon)

Did you find that comfy spot on the couch? Got your drink and your popcorn and a cool new show to binge? And right as you're about to dive in, the doorbell rings. Now you have to get up and ruin everything! Well, grab the Eufy 1080p battery-powered video doorbell while it's on sale at the Eufy website. You can set it up easily and not have to worry about getting up from the couch again. Use the code WSVD1080PBP to knock it down to $69.99. This video doorbell normally sells for around $130, but it has been going for around $100 for the last week or so. Today's drop is a crazy new low price you'll want to take advantage of. Even on Amazon it only goes as low as $88.

The 1080p-grade resolution combines with advanced HDR and Distortion Correction tech for crisp, clear video. Use two-way audio to speak with visitors. Has AI that can detect a human body versus say a dog or car. Get notifications that matter.

The video doorbell is a great way to keep tabs on whomever is knocking at your door. It records in 1080p resolution, which is plenty of pixels for identifying your guest. Of course, the doorbell improves upon the video clarity thanks to having both advanced HDR for image quality and Distortion Correction to really make it clear who's out there.

Two-way audio gives you some flexibility, too. You'll be able to hear everything going on in front of the camera. But you'll also be able to communicate thanks to the speaker system. Talk to visitors and let them know you're not home or scare off nosy neighbors trying to take your packages.

You can get smart alerts sent straight to your phone. The doorbell has advanced AI tech that can tell the difference between a human and a cat, for example. This ensures you'll only get notifications that matter for things you need to pay attention to.

Outside of the initial cost, there are no hidden fees to owning this camera. You won't have to rent a service or pay for extras that aren't included. Eufy wants it clear that what you see is what you get.

The video doorbell does come bundled with an electronic chime. You can use this chime in a part of the house where you wouldn't normally be able to hear the doorbell. It also stores all the recordings from the video doorbell on an SD card so you can save everything even if someone were to vandalize the doorbell outside your house.

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